Araiya-san Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de fanservice review episode 6


Two girls in a bath.


This episode covers the school trip part of the manga and looks like they did decide to make the scene in the sauna into two parts instead of one with next week being the rest. The first part however does contain some yuri stuff too in it which is a first for these r18 shows.


As everyone is heading on a school trip, Souta thinks about how Aoi has been avoiding him since the previous episode and doesn’t talk to him anymore as he worries about what is wrong.

After arriving, the other guys in the class decide now is the perfect time to sneak into the girl’s changing room and hide so they can see them naked with Souta being dragged along. After they get inside and try to find a place to hide themselves Takazuki catches them and stops them saying he refuses to let anyone see Aoi naked. At that moment she enters and sees everyone in there and realizes what they were doing. The others all run out pushing Souta into her as a distraction as the rest of them escape.

As Souta tries to explain things to Aoi they hear the other girls coming to enter the bath. Souta disguises himself to look like the backwasher he posed as in the first episode as Aoi explains to the others that he also works here. The other girls then ask if they can all get a massage like before and he has no choice but to do it to keep his secret.

Aoi gets jealous watching him wash the other girls and decides to go into the sauna to get away from seeing it. Mei then tells Souta to come with her as she takes him to the sauna where Aoi is at.


When they get into the sauna Mei starts doing stuff to Aoi and tells Souta to give Aoi a massage as well as they both decide to start doing things to her.

As this is going on Mei tells Aoi how she like Souta as well and that if Aoi doesn’t do anything about it by confessing to him finally then she will start to try and steal him away from her so she can have him to herself. After they finish up they then hear screaming coming from the other room from the other girls yelling about how someone is watching them as the episode ends.



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We finally got more stuff of Mei again but still no scene with her yet. With only two episodes left the room for them to give us her scene which they skipped is getting harder to believe will happen. The next episode based on the end image will be the the second half of the scene in the sauna and unfortunately that scene at least in the manga is just another scene with Aoi as Mei leaves. After this scene would be the part in the manga in which Aoi confesses to him in her room at the place they are at which I assume will be what they do for the final episode. This mean unless they change the next episode or do something original for the ending any chance of Mei getting her scene is almost gone.

The only hope I have at this point is something said at the end of this episode on that next image preview. When the next episode image is shown it consists of Aoi and Souta  and is clearly a part of the scene with her but the voice of Mei narrates over it saying “Let’s do something”. That phase is said for the next episode each time and the voice that does it is usually a different character each time as well so the question is if having Mei’s voice be the narration for the next episode preview has any relevance or if it’s just a coincidence.

As I said the next episode should have Mei leaving to distract the others while Souta and Aoi have sex in the sauna. Would be nice if they were to change this and remove Aoi’s scene here and have her run out instead or something else leaving Mei alone with Souta leading to her scene they skipped finally happening. Or alternatively just change it to be a threesome but I have little hope for that. Keep in mind this is just wishful thinking on my part but this is the only other way I can think of for them to finally give us her scene since I would be surprised if the end consists of something else other than Aoi confessing and the scene that follows the confession be the final episode. So next week is probably going to be our last chance for Mei if they are going to do something. Really hope they do as she is way more likable than Aoi.

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