Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episode 4

When you are so OP that even demons start whining.

This is, more or less what we get out of Episode 4 of Kenja no Mago.

After sweeping under the carpet the fact that our Shin just beheaded a schoolmate (I mean… in Naruto or K-On they wouldn’t have allowed it…), he receives the highest decoration of the kingdom (the same his granparents got) because our protagonist really killed a demonoid, even though he keeps saying former-Kurt wasn’t really that strong. Shin also suggests that the demonoid may’ve been artificially created, and since he’s more clever than all the kingdom’s gray-haired eminences, orders are issued to investigate the matter.


But let’s leave that aside. Shin now have pretty girls wooing him every time he steps outside and Sicily does her best (which means, not really much) to not seem jealous. At school Shin’s teacher is swarmed by students clamoring to enter the fancy magic research club of the elite students and therefore after a tough selection, he sends in a couple of students: a boy (son of the best blacksmith of the city) and a girl (daughter of the best restaurant of the city). Since Shin wants a better weapon than his second-hand sword, he and all the boys decide to go to the blacksmith’s workshop to do some boy’s stuff (I mean, in a fantasy world going at one’s home to talk about magic swords is like here going to see a football match, right?). In the meantime, the girls go to the bakery to do some girl’s stuff (which means, stuffing their cheeks with sweets, apparently).

(Yuri, you are the best part of this anime)


Back to the investigation, a couple of agents go back to Strom to ask about his magic courses and about Kurt. But something in his story doesn’t click right and the agents manage to lure Strom to the parade grounds of the Security, where he is surrounded and ordered to surrender.


And this is how Shin and his friends, on the way to the smithy and bakery stumble on the parade grounds, devastated by Strom’s magic explosions. Seeing Shin, Strom spells some cheap threats like the small-time evil guy he is and then gets kicked around. After a while Shin manages to unveil that Strom is a demonoid with his reasoning abilities more or less intact. But the former teacher is on a rampage now that his secret is disclosed and therefore Shin whips up a new spell on the spot and uses the sun’s light to glass Strom and the surrounding area.


There’s not much space for anything else in the episode (other that people showering Shin in praises… but we take that as a given by now), so we only get a barely-still-living-Strom who leaves us with one of the more sore loser lines one could ever come up with. Kudos to him.




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Overall thoughts: The story keep going with its more or less predictible course but in this episode we noticed a drop of the graphics quality. The recurrent gag of Shin being so oblivious of being powerful is played quite nicely, as in they don’t even try to downplay it but instead keep joking around it, in a sort of parody of the whole genre.