Araiya-san Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de fanservice review episode 7


Sexytime in a sauna.


While we do get more nudity of the random background girls in this episode the main scene is still given to Aoi only unfortunately. So sadly they didn’t change this from the manga to give Mei her scene they skipped earlier. With only one episode left it’s looking like the only sex scenes we are ever going to get are with Aoi.


Starting from the end of the previous episode they hear the girls outside screaming about being watched. Mei says she will go out and check on things before telling Souta that Aoi isn’t honest with herself and also that she likes him as well too. As she leaves she tells Aoi she was serious about what she said before about taking Souta away from her if she doesn’t start being more honest with him as she leaves.

Mei talks with the other girls and finds out that the guys from earlier were back trying to spy on them but ran away after being spotted. Mei suggests they should all get out of the bath for now in case they come back and everyone agrees as they all start to leave so that Souta and Aoi will be able to escape without being spotted.

It disappoints me that this show doesn’t embrace being porn like it should as there was a missed opportunity here. This scenario wasn’t in the source material so of course it wouldn’t be here but the fact that it isn’t is bullshit in itself as well. The girls should had captured the guys that were spying on them and then proceeded to rape them as “punishment”. Really how do you as a porn maker miss doing something like that. It would had been a great way to give sex scenes for multiple background girls all at once. What a shame.

Souta heads over to pick Aoi up so they can leave since Mei was able to get everyone else away. As he goes to pick her up though he kisses her leading to them doing stuff instead of leaving.


Okay I’m going to stop to rage here. This particular part had me pissed since even though I’m already annoyed at the lack of Mei I could had at least given this scene a pass because it looked like it was going to do something that these r18 shows have ignored for the most part. We have yet to get a scene in which the woman was being dominate in these shows. There was was the childhood friend in joshi ochi but they were interrupted before doing anything really. The first episode of joshi ochi and one part of omai seemed like we would get one as well but was quickly changed to something else or other issues before anything happened. In short we have yet to get an actual legit girl on top scene in these shows. Yet here we get one but it is ruined by bad angles that you can’t see shit. Seriously all we see are breasts moving and then the top of her head. Would it kill them to had drawn this shown from the front zoomed out to see her whole body moving. They showed her whole body briefly when she put it in but once the movement started you couldn’t see anything.

Why do hentai directors fail at this so much while jav directors for the most part don’t and show that they know what their doing. Really in a large amount of japanese porn the directors make sure to try and show as much of the girl as possible and even though bad views do still happen sometimes they are not as often as hentai. Yet hentai is constantly plagued by positions being ruined by terrible camera work that you don’t get to see the entire girl during said position either by bad angles or by a panning camera which is made even worse when you consider there is no excuse for that in animation since you have more freedom. Hell you can make the guy invisible or transparent if you want or just draw it in ways that would not be possible in real life because it’s animation. Yet despite this we still get shit angles like this while japanese porn that has to limit itself to the laws of real life are still able to present scenes and sex positions in the most visible way possible. Visibility of the scene for the viewer should always be the main priority of any porn. The view should be tailored to the audience not the characters so that we who are watching get to see everything without being blocked or other issues such as the scene being too zoomed in. If I keep going this will become too long so I’ll stop now. I am too autistic when it comes to hentai and porn holy shit. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

After they finish up and are waiting before they decide to leave, Aoi starts to confess to Souta. She tells him that what Mai said about her wasn’t a lie and that she doesn’t actually hate him. She then starts to admit that she might love him as well maybe but then changes her mind and takes it back telling him that she simply doesn’t hate him. Knowing what she just admitted to though in combination with the heat from the sauna she passes out along with Souta who also already passed out from the heat as well. Mei then peeks in to check on them to see if they have left yet since the place has been clear for awhile and discovers they both passed out as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



So things are looking grim for Mei getting her scene it seems. This was probably our last chance of it happening if they were to change the scene here to her’s since I can’t imagine us getting one for the last episode. The preview pic for the next episode shows Aoi in her kimono in her room so the chapter I suspected would be the end is what we are going to get as the end it seems. The next chapter after this has Mei taking passed out Souta to Aoi’s room to stay with her as she leaves the two of them alone. Souta then pretends to still be passed out while Aoi confesses to him which leads to him revealing he is awake and a scene with the two of them begins. This is most likely how they will end the final episode unless they do something major to change it which I’m doubting. I will reserve judgement till then just in case but if they seriously don’t give Mei a scene that will make the show really disappointing in the end. Don’t market the show with two girls prominent and then proceed to give all the scenes other than some fondling to just one girl. Who knows maybe they will surprise us and do a twist ending with Mei but I have no expectations for that.

There probably is no way they could work a Mei scene in at this point so might as well give up on it. If it were up to me I would change it that she fucks his passed out body when she brings him to Aoi’s room before she wakes up but that is of course not going to happen. If only they hadn’t restricted this show to 8 episodes then maybe we would have had more opportunities. Despite being less episodes it doesn’t appear we got more content overall to make up for that since the r18 content was only a flat rate of a minute and a half each episode while joshi ochi would sometimes go well beyond that for some episodes. So as it stands it doesn’t seem like this will surpass joshi ochi at all. If Mei were to get a scene in the last episode it would at least put it on the same level but I’m doubting that will happen at this point. Only possible hope is that since joshi ochi waited till the last episode for the one girl to get a scene while the other girl had it multiple times throughout maybe they will do something like that with Mei but that is just wishful thinking. Only one episode left and hopefully it is something different rather than just the same stuff we have seen already.

When this show ends I will only have one post a week to do. I had planed on doing yu-no posts after that in which I just focus on the small service in it by combining episodes and nothing else but don’t know if I will now. Each episode seems to make it seem more and more tame than expected. No idea if I still will do it but if I do then those posts would probably show up after this is over but it would probably be like 1-8 episodes in one don’t know. Not really feeling confident I will do it at this point but we’ll have to wait and see. Should get to work on my may hentai schedule post instead.