Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episode 5

A war in my isekai?

In this episode of Kenja no Mago we take a break from the usual Shin doing the isekai protagonist and take a serious look at the political panorama of that world…

As if.

Our episode starts with Maria enjoying some of the luxuries of house Wolfword, and then tattling with Shin’s grandma about him and Sicily’s relationship (they may not have one, but this will not stop all the ones around them from gossiping about it).

(japanese bidet, google it and you will understand her face…)


And then it’s finally time for the visit at the blacksmith, where Mark (the blacksmith’s son) takes Shin & company to deal with weapons while Sicily and Maria kidnap Olivia (the restaurantuer’s daughter) to gossip about her love life with above-mentioned Mark.

(they won’t)


Let’s forget about the girls for a moment. In the smithy, Shin keeps coming up with strange ideas no one has ever heard of, amazing people and being none the wiser.

Meanwhile, we discover that the “Empire” (apparently, there’s always an Empire, when there’s a “Kingdom”, like the two things should oppose each other…) was planning an invasion and Strom was actually plotting something, and gathering information.


Back to our hero who nonchalantly decides to buy Sicily a ring to enchant with defensive magic, all the others but him think there’re ulterior motives behind it and an insane misunderstanding ensues. Nothing we haven’t already seen.


Then Shin is forced into a tedious ceremony where he receives a medal of honor for killing the demonoid. At the end of such ceremony the king also publicly annouce they will never make use of Shin as a military resource, since he promised that to Wise Man Wolfword.


That said, Shin’s house is now besieged by fans, and so he is forced to use the teleport gate to go back and forth to school.

(I would use that gate everyday)


After the amazed reactions of his classmates (Really? They can still get amazed?) he also decides that he needs to “power up” his classmates, so that later he will not need to come and save them from every 2-cent demon showing its face around. So, he starts by teaching them magic control from scratch (apparently, the mages of that world are a bunch of losers mostly because they are all on some fantasy-trip about magic instead that taking the scientific approach) and then buffing them with enchanted accessories. In the process Shin also shows off a bit, just to remind them he is awesome.

(this is the local version of the Vegeta’s “It’s over 9000” meme)


We also see that Strom is still alive and well, even if bedridden, and assisted by a babe. He still plans to take down Shin, spewing his loser’s lines like he had actually planned all of this.


Meanwhile the bunch of young mages ended up crashing at Shin’s mansion and getting half-teatime half-lecture by old Wolfword, who shows them that Shin’s magic is only a matter of getting in the right mindset, it’s not like he is actually a demigod or something. Good old parenting done the right way.


The end of the episode shows us Shin’s classmate Lyn making her first progress (or explosions, I suppose it’s a matter of perspective), and with the war approaching Shin is honestly trying his best to make his friends “stronger”.

(No, boys, you won’t get a ring. That’s not the kind of fanservice we do here!)




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Overall thought: A hard rule of the anime is that the more “story” is present in a narrative arc, the less fanservice we get. I think we are roughly at that point. Admittedly, until now we only got close-ups on boobs so going down from that would be like having zero fanservice… but as long as I get my dose of Yuri in each episode, I’ll not whine.