Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? “Very Cut” Episode 6 Fanservice Review

Episode 6, more of the censorship you love.

Teacher Fucker on AT-X. Censored. New MCs. Let’s go.


Actually wait, before the usual passive image dump/complaining from me, I’d like to take a moment to note something about the OP that I missed last week due to my own not giving-a-fuck about this censored show.

Upon rewatch I’m noticing the main visual has actually been changed to reflect the change in lead female. Minor sure, but that little detail is exactly the kind of thing I’d expect from Kaneko. New girl, new set of tits, new bounce, new mini-showcase in the OP. Beauty in simplicity. I unironically like this detail.

Episode 6, Waifable-Sensei and Gigantor go to McDonalds.

Visual quality varied wildly this episode as you will see.


man, I could be playing DMC5 right now…



It’s crazy just how the visuals fluctuate in this show. Yeah every anime has it to an extent with in-betweens… but damn. Look at this one above ^ then look below to a previous shot

Like night and day.

A small budget is a frightening thing for tits…

We got 2 ecchi moments in a 10 minute show with the visuals seen above and a censored AT-X airing… hope that can hold you over, because it can’t for me.



Until next time.

                                                                         I’ll be shilling for more ecchi licensing.