Arisoude NASA Sou Manga Fapservice Compilation

Space people and shit, yeah!

This was a reader-submitted manga compilation. All I did was omit some of the pages from the comp where necessary for the sake of page load time convenience (of course, with the consent of Corprus, who provided me with the manga comp). Many thanks, Corprus (and ScissorMeTimbers for that one stitch in volume 4)!


I don’t normally do manga comps, so don’t bother asking me specifically. The only reason I went this far with a manga comp was because Corprus crafted his manga comp pretty well, requiring very minimal changes. Furthermore, this manga had been requested for a manga comp before, but had been neglected for some time,so I figured I may as well knock it out of the way myself, especially after being convinced by the reasons I’m about to list. The manga art, characters, and general plot drew me into it more, hence why I decided it was worth doing a write-up on. That’s why I’m here writing a short essay’s worth of writing instead of 2-3 short paragraphs. YAY, MORE WRITING! :))))))))))))))))) On second, thought, I’ll move some of the paragraphs (the synopsis and the fanservice discussion) to the bottom to give you less to read on the top. It’s like when your teacher has the class do an in-class reading of two chapters, but with a lunch break (i.e. the manga comp) in-between the reading for each chapter. We all know you came here for the reading more than you did for this manga comp, anyways. I could probably type the communist manifesto in-between one of these paragraphs, and almost no one would notice.

The artist goes by Hiiragi Yuuichi. He’s not an artist I’m  keeping up with, though his art is very noteworthy, especially in this manga, so I’d recommend him for anyone reading this. I’ll leave the manga comp to do the rest of the convincing. As far as social media and other sites for uploading content goes, all I can offer you is his twitter page (I don’t need to list his danbooru page, since you can look for that yourself.) I wouldn’t know if he has a hentai page, as my search didn’t turn up with much, and he wasn’t an artist I was keeping up with in the first place. If anyone likes his art enough to share some of his noteworthy artworks, or knows if he makes any hentai, please do give us all a hand and mention it in the comments. (personally, I just care if he’s done hentai, since his other works didn’t interest me enough bother with, as his other works aren’t something I would do out of my way to make manga comps of)

Note: The manga and manga comp have JPG’s  for volume 1, so apologies for the lack of uniformity accross volumes. The remaining volumes are entirely in PNG, so no worries there. As usual, the images in the galleries below are posted in JPG for better load times.




Status: Complete


Volume 1-2


Volume 3


Volume 4




The synopsis of this manga, which I obtained by gathering information on the plot from a certain wordpress article I came across (since mangaupdates didn’t have the synopsis listed this time around), is as follows. Two guys come back to earth, thinking they are actually aliens from the Moon, when they are actually just the remaining survivors of an old settlement from Moon launched by… uhhhh, NASA, I think? At least, based on the title and their foreign appearance (and the obvious blonde hair). They start trying to adapt to life on Earth, deepen their bonds with other mysterious space people, Earth inhabitants, and whatever other types of people they come across. Essentially, the angry-looking blonde has the main girls falling for him, and I couldn’t tell if anyone fell for the easy-going blonde guy. I would personally love to read this manga if it was scanlated.

On the more important side though, the service is pretty great. For one, the artist is very adept at drawing the females in a curvaceous manner, as is reflected in the number of pages that were left in the manga comp. Like, it was literally that hard to exclude enough pages to meet the standard for this manga comp (we try to keep the pages per volume to 100 pages at maximum, though preferably lower, as that way the pages don’t take ages to load up when clicked on) because of how sexy the female characters end up looking in a majority of the pages they’re on. When I saw the number of pages per volume for the comp after Corprus gave it to me, I thought I’d try reducing the numbers further, but ultimately, I was only able to take roughly 10 pages out per volume. So yeah, despite only having 4 volumes, this manga comp came out jam-packed with content (and some omake as well). If you have a good device/computer, and need a series’ worth of service, congrats. If you’re running a toaster phone like I do, though, then we’ll just have to pray our devices don’t crash while reading this comp (might be too late to say this if you’re this far down.)

Getting back on topic, though, another feature of this manga in regards to the fanservice was the angles of the female characters.  The angles that are shown throughout the manga are very spectacular, helping to depict the characters from some really sexy angles, even when they themselves are not engaged in something particularly sexy. This is in part because of the manga art, but these two elements mesh really well together. Another thing his manga is notable for is the diversity in character proportions, with one of the characters being more petite, and another of the characters being more bottom-heavy, than top-heavy, as well as the classic curvaceous figure seen in the more prominent characters seen in the featured image. I could go on, but any more writing, and I’ll want to ditch this article (seriously, I thought this write-up would be way smaller). Oh, no need if I’m already done. Sweet. Enjoy your day, class!


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Volume 1 + Omake

Volume 2

Volume 3

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