Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 12 (FINAL):

It’s finally finished. They’ve decided the future they’re heading too…. XD

Hello everyone!! (^^)/ Welcome back to the very last episode of fanservice review for this Jeanne d’Arc anime!! In this episode, Montmorency and Jeanne saves the day as they succeeded in defeating Enlil, sending him back to the dimensional prison. However, the Dark Ulysses was being controlled by the spirit of  Phillip’s father as he attempted to kill the exhausted Jeanne once and for all.

However, the Dark Ulysses is reluctant to follow his instructions. She then begs Glasdale to kill her instead. In the end, Glasdale removes Phillip from the relic which saves her from being the Dark Ulysses again.

The French army were victorious this time. As they’ve won the battle for Orleans and  Les Tourelles, Mallory commands the English army to retreat first as Lord Bedford is preparing a plan to changes the tides of the war. At night, the French army had a happy celebration at the siege for their victory.

Back at Chinon, Princess Charlotte is back again with her voluptuous fanservice!! Upon their return, Charlotte make Montmorency  the title of a great general for him to protect Jeanne and the Valois from the conspirators hiding in the dark. Their quest to take over Reims was later joined by Richemont too!! At the same time, it was revealed that being restored again but Philip had no intentions to follow the spirits voice anymore.

Under Jeanne and Montmorency’s lead, the French army successfully defeats the English army in Patay again and Charlotte was officially crowned as the Queen of France!!

Without saying much, let’s proceed with the ratings for this anime!!

Ratings (On a scale of 10 to 0)

Opening/Ending: 10 Decent opening song which makes this anime looked very interesting at the first place. However, it was the ending theme that I really enjoyed. It was observable that the producers really put a lot of heart into the ending theme aside from the song, the visuals for the ending was captivating and it was even more interesting that the visuals was different for every episode. Hence, it definitely deserve a 10!!

Character Development: 5 Initially, it was thought that a historical character like Joan of Arc would make this story looks interesting but it only turns out to be a big let down. The very first thing that I am very pissed with this show is because the main character Jeanne doesn’t have OPPAI as big as the other female characters!! Instead, Jeanne was portrayed as a flat chest loli with a shameless personality. While most of us are there to see some quality oppai, it was really disappointing to depict a national heroin like that.  Aside from that, the overall story telling was totally a mess with a lot of things requiring a more detailed explanation. For instance, the story initially said that Jeanne can only maintain her Ulysses form for 3 minutes a day but it definitely takes more than 3 minutes while battling the Dark Ulysses and also Enlil. There wasn’t much explanation about the background too where the character Catherine pops up in the middle of nowhere. Why Montmorency didn’t recognize Philip when she was the Dark Ulysses was questionable too. In overall, the producers didn’t make use of the episodes to describe the story well and its opportunity to provide more fanservice.

Fantasy: 7 Despite all the loopholes in this anime, this anime had some really interesting ideas like gender bending the historical characters to have gigantic oppai, which is really tempting for us to watch this anime. Additionally, the sudden appearance of a Mesopotamian God at the near end of this anime was really unexpected. It might sound crazy for some people, but sometimes a little bit of unexpected things is what makes this anime interesting. The story-line could have been better if the details were executed well and explained better.

Illustrations: 10 The animations were amazingly good. The scenery drawings and character designs are really beautiful. They also did a very good job in all the fighting scenes too especially on their movements. Although it was observed that there was a decline in the illustrations quality as the episode progress, but the illustrations at the important part which is for fanservice purposes are done nicely makes them ON POINT!!

Fanservice: 8 To be honest, it was fun to watch the female characters with big oppai in this anime but they don’t have enough screentime on them especially on Princess Charlotte and it saddening that the spotlight was mostly focused on the flat-chest loli. Those oppais really put up some good fight in dishing out our fanservice but it wasn’t long enough to satisfy us. Hopefully they will have a significant increase amount of screentime in the BD.

Overall: 8.0 This anime is still worth watching and enjoyable despite the train-wrecked story.  But still, it could have been better if the mc was more useful and our Jeanne has bigger oppai would be better. Hopefully the producers can learn from this anime and put some works to improve on executing a better story while maintaining the quality of illustrations for any future works. Maybe it is too lenient to give this anime an 8, but it is still enjoyable for its artwork illustrations and character designs.

We really hope you all enjoy this anime and the reviews despite the story was disappointing. Till then, thanks for reading everyone and please stay tune for the upcoming fanservice reviews. (^^)v