Asa Made Jugyou Chu! OVA Fanservice Review


Asa Made Jugyou OVA (2012) was a brief adaptation of a four volume, excellent ecchi harem drawn by Munyuu (best known for his work on Ladies Vs Butlers). I’m sure the FS community doesn’t need me to tell them it’s the creme of the crop.

There already exists a Wizard fanservice compilation of this series – both the OVA and Manga. But what you don’t see are stitches and BD quality media with low compression. The point of this review is to fill that niche.

MC-kun is as wimpy as they come and returns none of the advances. but it doesn’t really matter. Still finds himself in dream-like scenarios such as being humped by a busty teacher that lives with him.

Ayana sensei takes it upon herself to help MC-kun escape detection in a girls dormitory. Why is he in a girls dorm. Because he was registered as a girl. Why was he regis…forget it. She’s hot.

MC-kun will cross dress frequently as he tries to escape attention. A transparent set up for trap service.

Stitches only come out like this when the camera rotates during a panning shot. Example of how much inspiration went into the presentation of this OVA. Lots of composition variety.

MC-kun is having a hard time. Too much booty for his mind to process. He thinks back to the opening scene when sensei attacked him in her “sleep”.

Your typical student council prez girl. Except she’s a total lesbian. and a rapist. Depending on your degeneracy levels, that (and two other large reasons) make her best girl. She’ll appear later on.

Not often you see vagina linings in ecchi, even if covered by panties. Struggling to remember another instance of this outside of hentai.

“People will die if they are killed”. MC-kun rises to the challenge of spanking his sensei, under the guise of “releasing pent up stress”. There are other things they could do to release pent up stress, you know.

They don’t actually continue this, unfortunately. At least not on screen.

Risa senpai not so subtly wants to fuck the MC, under the impression that he is a she. Risa has the power to get MC expelled if his secret is discovered.


It’s only a matter of time until Risa discovers that MC-kun has a dick. So, sensei needs to intervene in the only way she knows how.

I’ve made a lot of stitches in the past year. This is probably my favorite one. Its so good.

In what is probably the best scene of the OVA, sensei fights fire with fire by doing lewd stuff to Risa. It’s hot.

All of this activity has made sensei ill. MC-kun has a great idea to make her feel better.

MC-kun finds himself sick later. Now it’s nurse Ayana’s turn to return the favor.

The (relatively) flat chested representative doesn’t make it to the OVA. unfortunately. We also don’t see Patricia (blonde) who has the largest bust size in the series.

Not bad for a bonus episode bundled with a manga volume purchase.

I would drag my tongue through 40 miles of glass for the opportunity to enter my credit card number into a million dollar goal kickstarter  for more episodes of this series. Half kidding. It may never happen, but one can hope as it remains one of the best ecchi OVA efforts of all time.

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