Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 11


The virgin ogre vs the chad human.


This episode covered chapter 14 and part of 15 and unfortunately they didn’t do what I hoped they would to avoid a problem that was going to show up with this episode. The twitter account for the show even mentioned it a day before the show aired. The issue? The account mentioned that this episode would be the same for all three versions airing so the tv, online, and atx one. The reason it’s the same is simple. There was nothing that needed to be censored. In other words there is no nudity this episode and not even really service either. So this is going to be a plot week.


As the duel with Spartokos is about to begin Peter plans on losing on purpose that way Spartokos can take Lisa back with him and he won’t have to deal with her anymore. Lisa tells him that she knows what he might be planning and points out that Luvellia is there watching and Mimi is with her so if he loses on purpose they will tell Luvellia about everything. As such he has no choice but to fight for real.

As the fight starts Spartokos says he could end this easily by just telling everyone about Peter cheating on Luvellia but his pride wouldn’t let him do something that dishonerable and he wants to fight him fairly. As he does a stance it is noted by Tim that the stance he is doing is for an attack ogres have that no one has been able to withstand before.

Spartokos then announces how he has trained all the time and even kept his virginity for Lisa and won’t lose. The audience then starts to sympathize with him and cheer for Peter to lose and let him win so he can impress her as Peter knows he can’t and is going to look like the bad guy now.

Peter is able to take the attack and beats Sparokos with one hit as the crowd boos him for winning and throws stuff at him.

As Lisa tells Spartokos how weak he is and starts to leave he asks her to give him one more chance to prove his power. Peter says she should give him a chance since he came all the way here after all. Lisa agrees and gives him one last chance but it will require him to beat her in battle this time and she will give him one weak to prepare as she leaves.

Spartokos asks Peter to train him since he has gotten to see now just how strong Peter really is. Peter tells him he doesn’t take on apprentices as Piglette and Vegan tell him to do it since it will help them out because if Spartokos wins against Lisa he will leave with her. Peter realizes this would work as another chance to get rid of Lisa and so he agrees to help Spartokos and the others do as well since getting rid of Lisa will mean less competition.

This was changed a bit from the manga to make things quicker. In the manga Peter turns him down and goes back home only for Spartokos to follow him and stay outside his room waiting to pester him more. When Peter tries to get rid of him again is when Piglette and Vegan stop him and suggest the benefit of helping him out and the scene continues like it did here.

 “Nanomachines, son.”

Peter trains Spartokos while Vegan uses magic to enhance his body and Piglette makes him food with special ingredients to make him stronger as they finally finish with Spartokos becoming stronger than before.

Peter notices Mitchie talking with Spartokos after they finished training. Piglette tells him that Mitchie has been visiting Spartokos everyday and bringing him lunch and that she suspects that Mitchie might like him.

A week passes and Spartokos and Lisa start their fight as the episode ends.



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Nothing of importance this week since it was just a plot based episode. Was really hoping they would had found an excuse to add something in this chapter so it didn’t remain completely empty but they didn’t. The twitter account even acknowledging the lack of service means they are aware of it’s importance so it’s odd they didn’t find some reason to throw some in. They could had even did some 4th wall breaking if they really wanted due to this being a comedy and they could had thrown a scene in during the training montage where they just say “We need nudity this episode so here is 30 seconds of some random nudity”.

Next week will be the rest of chapter 15 based on the preview and will be the end. Chapter 15 does have nudity potential at least so we should get something unlike this week. How much though depends on what changes they might make. There is a scene of Mitchie naked in a bed which they should hopefully modify to show nudity like they have done with every other girl so far but it is really short like one panel only so hopefully they expand on it to give more nudity there than just that. There is nothing else of the other girls during the chapter so based on the chapter itself Mitchie nudity would be the only thing we get. They could potentially change things though and find a way to throw in some final nudity of everyone else though to end on.

The end of this chapter does have a cliffhanger leading into the goblin arc but I’m going to suspect they will remove that unless they want to keep it in hopes of getting to do a season 2 one day. Lisa’s speech she gives Peter at the end of the chapter before that happens though feels like it would be the most suitable way to end the show on. What she points out is a good way to get viewers to read the manga to see how things will play out because of what she suggests to Peter and it kind of feels like a good philosophical way to end the show. Final episode next week so hopefully it ends with a good send off.

I am going to probably rage at the Mitchie nudity next week unless they change something about it. We get her naked but she isn’t wearing her glasses which defeats the point. Also I’m going to have nothing to do after that episode so I guess I could finally get around to doing the IR BD post. And rage at the show one last time. If only sakurai would hurry up and announce phoenix for smash I could motivate myself to do the fanservice collection post of all the service from the anime during this down time to celebrate which people probably wouldn’t suspect a post on.