Atelier Ryza Episode 01 Fanservice Review

Ms. Thighs

A Ryza anime was not something I ever expected to see, but here we are. This review series won’t go in depth on the story, as I don’t intend for it to be the “main” review series this season (that will be Temple starting this Saturday). Luckily, there is no shortage of shots with Ryza looking cute, or her impressive thighs almost spilling out of her shorts (daisy dukes?).

Ryza is a girl thirsting for adventure, and it is this desire for adventure that moves the plot forward.


The PV for the series included some of these shots, so the producers are well aware of Ryza’s main draw. What’s great is that they could have easily brushed this aside and went full prude, but they are clearly not shying away from blatant shots like this.


Minor details like this ass crease shot do give me hope that they won’t skimp out on at least mild service, and there were several other moments that made me hopeful they might push the service even further. There are other from-behind shots that don’t have the crease though, which is disappointing.


Ryza’s been bored of farm life for years, not helped by her parents who seem to scold her for being unenthused and unskilled at farm work. It’s also implied that she regularly sneaks away to explore the island.

Also, I do like how deep the cleavage goes in some of the frames above. Even in the game, her standard outfit gives only barely a glimpse if you’re looking straight on (you can see this in some of the anime shots any time you see a slight bit of shading in the cleavage area). It’s good to see that they’re willing to show this even if the perspective isn’t too extreme.


Ryza has grown so restless that she has decided to go beyond her small island home. She has fully explored every corner of the island and desires to go further. If this sounds sudden, that’s because it is – this is decided completely on a whim, though given Ryza’s attitude this was probably inevitable. There’s hardly any logistical planning done either; Ryza seems completely willing to wing it on a potentially dangerous journey.


I considered this rather momentous. Yes, we don’t have any ridiculous or extreme bounce, but I wondered if we’d get any bounce at all. And even though it is minor, it’s still there. I consider this a good sign, personally.

Ryza and co. stumble into a blonde in the forest (Klaudia), as well as encountering a few slimes. After escaping, they decide to turn back, but quickly realize they are lost. After traveling through the forest for a time, they encounter a rather tough group of monsters. Things were looking quite bad before they were rescued by Ms. Fanservice #2, Lila.


A quite shameless and very welcome shot. No crease, but still a very nice view.


Ryza and co. are scolded for their escapades, and for their stupidity. They prepared for absolutely nothing (which is even remarked on by Lila), and had they not been saved, they would have genuinely been in serious trouble. Ryza got all she wanted out of the situation though, after witnessing the “magic” (alchemy) used by Lila and Empel (guy with the monocle), she will soon realize her new path in life.


With all the talk about Ryza’s thighs, and the comparative lack of emphasis on her “upper body parts” (most of the time, anyway), it can be easy to forget the she’s got a sizeable pair of melons until they rear their beautiful head. In this case, they bulge even when she is lying down. That’s some serious perk and size.


Yes, you saw this stitch before. However, this actually happened in the episode. Ryza is thinking back on the events of the day and recalls her brief talk with Empel, which shows the same shot as before, but for some reason this version of the stitch was oversaturated to hell.


Another very unexpected bounce. Again, nothing super significant, but a hell of a lot more than I’d have expected from this.

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Ryza and co. ask Empel and Lila for training. Initially this is rejected, but once they learn that there is benefit in becoming acquaintances, they agree. Ryza’s first test is to gather herbs, and this is to see if she has a natural aptitude for alchemy. She is of course, a natural, and the episode ends with her cheering in absolute jubilation.



As I mentioned somewhere in this review, I’m not expecting a whole lot out of this series (fanservice wise). However, it is a fun series and Ryza may very well be one of the most popular heroines in all of Japanese digital media in the past few years. This makes this series one to at least keep an eye on, which I will absolutely do.