Tenpuru Episode 01 Fanservice Review


Temple appears to be the highlight of the season for this site, so that’s what we’re rolling with. Not that this should be considered an afterthought – after seeing this first episode it seems to be a good mix of comedic and erotic. Well, maybe not for you, but for me yes.


Akemitsu is our protagonist, who is the son of a womanizer so extreme his family name has become notable for it. Endeavoring to absolve himself of this image, Akemitsu works to succeed through schooling and establishing an esteemed social status, scorning even the thought of intimacy all the while.


It becomes clear that Akemitsu cannot escape his genetically defined fate rather early, as a chance encounter with an attractive young woman terrifies him, suspecting that he may have fallen in love at first sight.


Thoughts of the girl Akemitsu met continue to pervade his mind and interfere with his life to such an extent that he is fired from his job and nearly forced to drop out of college. Desperate to escape his fate, he resigns himself to become a monk. But upon arriving at the temple he is to begin training as a buddhist, he is shocked to find the very same girl that awakened his lust.


Yuzuki puts on a kimono in a hurry to properly greet the new guest, but ends up showing a bit of skin which causes Akemitsu to panic and flee. He quickly succumbs to his desires and declares his love for Yuzuki and requests a marriage.


A big misunderstanding has occurred, Yuzuki is under the impression that Akemitsu is here for a marriage interview. Yuzuki gets a return call from the head priest of the temple (who is currently away), Kiki, who tells Yuzuki that her actual marriage interview match is with her at the moment. Yuzuki assumes that Akemitsu is an evil spirit, and quickly grabs her friend Tsukuyo and runs, while Akemitsu pursues the pair.


The stitch is blurry because the panning frames are blurred. Given that a later stitch was blurred in the middle as well, I suspect this will be present throughout the running of the show.

I know how ridiculous this looks, but a full stitch doesn’t seem to be possible here, as the transition from the tits to face has some extreme blur, much more so than the one earlier. The below manga panel is how it would have looked had I been able to make this stitch normally.


In his haste, Akemitsu accidentally tackles another girl, Mia, who asks the ginger (Kagura) for help. Regarding Kagura, it seems that the anime design is a fair bit different, particularly the hair. I know I didn’t include a shot of her in the manga, but you’ll no doubt see a manga shot of her in a future review.


The situation is explained fully at this point, but not exactly resolved. It was Akemitsu’s uncle that referred him to this place, not knowing the place was recently converted into a nunnery, while Yuzuki didn’t know Akemitsu was here for that reason, because Kiki had not yet informed her.



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Despite the nunnery not allowing men, Kiki decides to allow Akemitsu to stay, but Akemitsu declines, citing an internal conflict (which he doesn’t explain to the girls for good reason), and not wanting to impose on them. Yuzuki is convinced by her younger sister that Akemitsu isn’t a bad guy, which seems to inspire Yuzuki to invite him to stay at least for the night. The two have a talk which reveals that Yuzuki thought the love/marriage plea was a joke. Akemitsu gives Yuzuki is name, but upon hearing his family name, Yuzuki learns that he is the son of the infamous man himself, only this time it appears his father borrowed a large sum of money from the temple Yuzuki belongs to, which will probably be expanded on next episode.


This is the end of Chapter 3. For some anime/manga, it is not uncommon to see the first few chapters, or even first few volumes have a good bulk of service, only for it to taper off for whatever reason. I fear this may be the case with this series, but I’ve not yet had a chance to look ahead to see for myself. I’ll make sure to report back in one of these post reviews when I do.