Ayakashi Triangle Episodes 05-06 Fanservice Review

Not much in episode five, a group bath scene in episode six.


Episode 05



Episode 06





While the bath scene in episode six will have nudity, it looks like the anime will show nipples less than the manga did in the same scene. Crazy enough, the best direct view of boobs in the manga from this scene might have the boobs cropped out completely in the anime version for no good reason (3rd to last picture in episode six section).  Hopefully there is a zoom out on BD.

Overall the pacing seems to be too slow as well, with the series only on pace to cover about 3-4 manga volumes. If the show was contracted for multiple seasons with the intent of covering all the material I wouldn’t care, but these 12 episodes are probably going to be all we ever get, so it would be nice if they could at least maximize the material. The manga nudity doesn’t even really get that good until volume five.