Tenpuru Episode 06 Fanservice Review

Weight loss arc

We got episode 6 of Tenpuru this week, it didn’t have much ecchi as always, but the little ecchi it did have was good. They finished the mini-arcs in this episode with Yuzuki trying to lose weight and then moved on to the priest training arc. The art in this episode was pretty good as well, with minor drops in quality here and there but I liked the many shots of open shirts or just tits in general placed throughout the episode, it was a nice touch that wasn’t there in the manga. They also added an entire yoga scene that wasn’t in the manga so that’s a great addition. The chapters shown in this episode are chapter 16.5 at the start with Kurage, then chapter 24, and then chapters 17 and 18 so it’s all over the place.

Kurage has some nice posters.

Kurage here was just reflecting using her diary, they didn’t go through all the events like they did in the manga but it was still chapter 16.5.

Yuzuki gained weight so they hold a meeting to discuss what to do.

Great added scene.

The sweets are too good to resist.

They changed her outfit in this scene.

He says unless Yuzuki can undergo priesthood within 3 months he will call off the engagement.

Mega Album


Overall, I’m pretty happy with this week’s episode, I liked the added content, and the manga chapters that this adapts from, don’t have too much content anyways. This episode was quite good and I liked the exercise scene so I wasn’t expecting much else. The art is a bit strange at times it’s like the quality drops from normal to pretty disproportionate so it’s a bit jarring but I assume since it’s a newer studio it’s just the quirks of doing their first few anime. It is pretty strange how they are structuring the anime when compared to the manga but getting those short stories out of the way before the end of the season makes sense. We will see where it goes after the priest arc and how they decide to structure it after episode 7.