Azur Lane Episode 2 Fan Service Review

Hello Readers! We are back again with Episode 2 of Azur lane and boy, did they up the fan service. Guess they are listening to their fans (to some extent). Anyway,  let’s get into the second episode and see what’s new.

Here we are introduced to the mental cube, aka the wisdom cubes we use to summon our waifu ships. In this series, it’s used as a source for their rig and power, we also get a shot of Eldirdge awakening. Hopefully we get some other scenes with her included but knowing them, if we do get some service with her, they’ll more then likely make her B cup+. You’ll see what I mean later on.   We get some shot’s from each faction as well. The more iconic one’s are shown here but my favorite Sakura Empire ship Nagato looks pretty great. We’ll see more ship’s later on.

 So apparently the little birds (aka Manju) or whatever they are, help the navy out with their work as we see here. I wonder if the other faction have them as well? It’s funny to see them fish Sandy out of the water.

 A picture of me trying to keep up with reviewing Azur Lane while keeping up with my mobile games.

Yes, cover the plushies eyes, not you’re own. Shameless carrier.


This is the main highlight of the episode, as far as service is concerned. Already a plus one from KanColle, and the budget is still great. Though for some odd reason, they decided to give laffy some B+ cup breast. The reasoning may be due to the fact that out of all the starter squad, Laffy is the most Loli one out of all four ships. Sure Javelin and Z23 may seem to be small chested but they are most certainly not flat. Ayanami has the biggest chest compared to the rest of them but yeah, that’s why they upped the smaller ships sizes. Not a personal fan of this type of slight change-of-form censorship but I’ll take it as a bonus to see boobs.

Poor Sandy, even if she is number one, she still gets wrecked.

Enterprise really is a cool protagonist but she pushes herself too hard like any other MC.

Well that’s one way to go about treatment for someone. I mean I wouldn’t complain, not sure about you folks.

Food porn confirmed. Seems like the staff is trying to hit all the targeted audiences for this anime.

And finally we have the last of the starter squad Z23. She’s a nice, cool, and tsundere iron blood destroyer. Bonus points that she’s wearing spats as well. Geez, Kancolle can’t catch a break.

Notice how her breasts are now non-xistent. That’s a weird passive. Also her burger seems to have regenerated. I need a burger that can regenerate or a shake… hell, anything really.

Pretty awkward for Javelin to have the Chad Enterprise with them though it seems Laffy could care less. Javelin at least tries to break the ice with some food but Enty humbly declines.

My favorite Eagle Union boat, Hammann, is finally introduced! And just like I expected, she’s extremely cute so I’m content for now. The next thing I need now is pantsu shots from Hammann next. Speaking of which, I did not know Helena had such a fine back story. Then again I don’t use her so…

And here we have another of my personal favs from Eagle Union, Long Island! If they stay true to the source and if we ever get an up skirt shot from Long island then we’ll be greeted with nopan!!! I may be jumping ahead too much… Also, Arizona and Hornet are introduced.

Here is Shoukaku doing what appears to be some kind of scene? I’m not really sure what it is but it’s neat.

We return to see that the fleet had gotten wrecked. So easily so it seems. Kinda makes me sad to see Hammann and Long Island so easily beat… kinda cute though.

Someone please help her, she has a face full of regret and shame and I oddly… like it? Why!?

Didn’t realize that Zuikaku had a huge rack. Then again, I don’t have her. She’s also a Genji main. Perfect, we have Enty as Hanzo and Zuikaku as Genji.

Hammann just can’t get any slack, damn! I’m pretty messed up for chuckling a little at her but she’s cute like this as well.

The weirdest scene for me by far. The plushie was eating something… What!?

And last but not least, the Royal navy arrives. We have the Queen herself (Elizabeth), Edinburgh, Hood, and my two favorites: Warspite and Sheffield. Warspite also wears a thong so look forward to that.

Please don’t leave Hammann out in the open like that. She deserves better. Honestly i think they like to bully her. (The people in charge of this anime of course.)

Flat chested here as well. Hmm… spats are awesome though. Hope there’s more.

That’s pretty cool to see, using her airplanes to enhance her sword. Pretty cool stuff here. And Enty is getting ready to anti air her but before the blow, everyone’s favorite maid from the Royal Navy shows up.

And that concludes Episode 2. With this episode we saw a slight Increase in fan service which is nice but I feel like it may not always be the case as I saw episode 3 the other day and there isn’t much. Overall, I liked this episode as well as it served as a way to introduce the necessary fan service element as well as introduce more ships. We’ll see if this is still the case continuing on forward. Well guess I’ll check out episode 4 to see if my hunch is wrong. Still behind two episodes to review. I’ll try to catch up as I’m sure there are some Azur Lane fans here that I’d like to hear from as they would from me. Until next time, see ya!