Cheating Craft TV Fanservice Review Episodes 01 – 05 [UPDATED]


Cheating in school or cheating on girls?  To be damned or to be triply damned???

[UPDATED] This fanservice review is almost three years old and needed a fair bit of updating.  See the Updates section at the end for a list of what was updated.  In the meantime, look forward to the next and final fanservice review for Cheating Craft…


Where China just like Japan, proves that they can make a shonen fighting show out of anything and we do mean anything.  Ecchi fans probably remember Ben-To and shonen fighting while grocery shopping.  This time it’s shonen fighting while cheating on school exams…

Plot synopsis from AniDB:

In a world where people are sorted since childhood depending on the results of their exams, only those who excel in education obtain happiness. Learning Types(those who prioritize study) and Cheating Types (those who prefer to climb the educational ladder by cheating) occasionally cooperate with each other, but there exists a great rivalry between them. The story follows C Type student Shokatsu Mumei and L Type student Ou Koui who struggle together to pass tests.

Tags from AniDB:

half-length episodes, novel

Shonen should be one of the tags as well.

Episode 01

Random girls but the artwork looks nice…

01-cheating-craft-tv-ep-01-snap 05-cheating-craft-tv-ep-01-snap 02-cheating-craft-tv-ep-01-snap 08-cheating-craft-tv-ep-01-stitch

Her name is Ou.  She’s the mc-chan.

11-cheating-craft-tv-ep-01-snap 13-cheating-craft-tv-ep-01-snap

Her name is Anri.  Really like the character designs of the girls in this anime…

16-cheating-craft-tv-ep-01-snap 18-cheating-craft-tv-ep-01-stitch 17-cheating-craft-tv-ep-01-stitch

LOL.  Obligatory warning not to cheat on tests.  With baka shonen in the background.  Too funny…



OP shows off the nice artwork of the girls and the backgrounds.  Too bad I was not able to make all the stitches without credits…

01-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-stitch 02-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap

Magic skirts?  Probably…


Episode 02

If you’re going to chest, might as well include a henshin…  XD

20-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 21-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap

24-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 25-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap

So close.  Darn magic skirts…

26-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 27-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 29-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap

32-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 35-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 43-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap


She looks a LOT better without those glasses!

57-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 58-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 59-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 60-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap

61-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 63-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap

And the beauty queen shows up.  Really nice.  Great character design.  Her name is Haku

68-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-stitch 69-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-stitch

OFC, it’s love at first sight…


…  and pigs fall in love too…



If you’ve got really good character designs for the girls, you might as well flaunt them in the ED…

74-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 75-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 76-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 77-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 79-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap 80-cheating-craft-tv-ep-02-snap

Episode 03

Ou-sensei is too close…

02-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 03-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 04-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch

And Haku can make sipping tea seem like a guilty pleasure…

06-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 08-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap

11-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 12-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap

What a fine ass Haku has…


And her smile and eyes are lethal weapons…

22-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 23-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap

24-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 26-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch 28-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch

30-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 39-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 41-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap

Anri is watching you…


Ou not only looks better without glasses, she punches out pests with ease…

43-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch 44-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch 45-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 46-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 47-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 50-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 51-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 52-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 53-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 54-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch 55-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch 56-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch 57-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch

61-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 68-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap

Dem eyes…

69-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 71-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 73-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch 74-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 75-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-stitch 76-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 78-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap 79-cheating-craft-tv-ep-03-snap

Episode 04

Ou-sensei is still up close but a little farther back looks better already…

01-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 02-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 03-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap

Test examiner.  Only in Anime.  And a royal b*tch at that.  Even if she looks great in a stewardess outfit…

04-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-stitch 05-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-stitch 06-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 07-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap

Can airliners even fly without roofs??

09-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 10-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 11-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-stitch

Nice ass test examiner has.  Seems to be just as mean and tight-assed as her personality is…

12-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 13-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap

And her stilettos are gonna walk all over you…

14-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 15-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 16-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 17-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 18-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 19-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap

Lucky pen!  Wanna trade places???


21-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 23-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 26-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-stitch 27-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-stitch 28-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-stitch 29-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 31-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 33-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 34-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 35-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 36-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 37-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 38-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 40-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap

It’s a daydream but who wouldn’t daydream like this with Haku around???  And take it even farther of course…

41-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 42-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 43-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 44-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap


The D  on that statue!  O.O  Only it’s not a statue in this scene.  It’s a jealous girl using a cosplay outfit.

46-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-stitch 47-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap

Now it’s a statue…

49-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 51-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 54-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap

Forgot to mention that this anime spoofs BL too.  Some ecchi fans may not like that…

57-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap 58-cheating-craft-tv-ep-04-snap

Episode 05

And the big payoff episode.  As unexpected as it may have been.  Swimsuits!

Ou-sensei just won the prize for best ass in show…


And Ou-sensei looks great in a revealing one-piece swimsuit…


05-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 06-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 07-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 08-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 09-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap

Hey, and some cleavage from the school girls too…


And some nice stitches too.  TBH, the stitches in this episode were really tricky to make.  The motion (and a lot of parts were moving) repeats so slowly that there’s barely any overlap.


No cleavage (yet) but nice crotch…



Haku has a great ass too!  She just stole the prize from Ou-sensei!!!



And now those swimsuits get shredded!  Those sharks are test examiners.   Only in Anime…


No cheating says the shark test examiner…

18-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 22-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap

OFC, Haku looks great in a shredded swimsuit.  Wish we could see more skin though…


24-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 26-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap

I normally skip over stitches that feature guys too much but this one was too amusing not to make.  That’s one girly guy even if he’s crushing on a girl…


Seeing a little side boob and under boob was nice.  Just wish we could have seen more…

30-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 31-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap

34-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 35-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 37-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap

39-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 40-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 41-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap

Nice.  Ou looks good in a shredded swimsuit.  But lose the glasses girl…


Nice, nice, nice.  Haku crotch, ass and under boob service all in one.  And she’s still taking her exam too.


Best partial view of boobs in the episode.  They saved it for last…

45-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 47-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 48-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 49-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 51-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 52-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 53-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap 54-cheating-craft-tv-ep-05-snap



I’m not finding much in the way of omake for Cheating Craft.

cheating-craft-tv-fr-eps-01-05-omake-01 cheating-craft-tv-fr-eps-01-05-omake-02 cheating-craft-tv-fr-eps-01-05-omake-03 cheating-craft-tv-fr-eps-01-05-omake-04 cheating-craft-tv-fr-eps-01-05-omake-05


Once again, China just like Japan, proves that they can make a shonen fighting show out of anything…

I wasn’t expecting to do a fanservice a review for Cheating Craft.  I started making media as a personal project because I really liked the character designs of the girls.  Some of the best character designs of the season IMHO.

I did have fun making  stitches for this anime even if there were more tricky ones than I would have preferred.

I’m not expecting much fanservice for the rest of the season.  It’s a shonen fighting show after all.  So I’ll probably just do one review to wrap things up after the show finishes airing.

As a shonen fighting show, Cheating Craft suffers from baka boys and too little screen time for the girls.  So it’s hard to recommend to anime fans in general much less ecchi fans.  Even if the character designs of the girls are really easy on the eyes…


Almost all of my HD WebMs were included.   For the rest and for downloading, you can find my albums here:  01-04 & 05-05.  Note that I did not make any WebMs for episode 01.


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  • Fixed broken links for WebM albums due to Gfycat.con changing how albums work.
  • Updated gfycat embed code from old WordPress plugin to newer Responsive Iframes
  • Corrected references to Japan.  Turns out that this anime was actually made in China.