Miru Tights: BD Fanservice Review Episode 5

Tight Deadlines.

Well, not really. This is just how Homi (the airhead girl of the trio), gets up way after her normal wake-up time… (Great idea! Put the swimsuit under the tights! I swear it will not light any new fetishes in me…)


… How she arrives at school late for her club’s practice …


… and how she discovers she got there hours before the real practice time, and thus gets sleepy and starts snoring in the clubroom, basically in a skintight bodysuit. (I take back the statement about a new fetish not being ignited.) (Just saying… This is how many hentai start or end… And her clubmates seem to agree.)


Well, that’s how she is after all… And after that she doesn’t even get bashful about flipping her own skirt. After all she wears a swimsuit underneath!


Except she doesn’t…

(Admittedly, I was hoping for more forgetfulness.) (Them too… Lucky bastards…)


End card.



Overall thoughts: With this release we switched to the BDs, since they were already out. By the way, now we know that the pink panties Homi showed off (At Every Single Chance!) were actually her swimsuit…