Azur Lane Episode 3 Fan Service Review

Hello readers! We are back again with episode 3 of Azur Lane. While there is less service here compared to the previous episode, we do get the beach episode! Though it is brief, it’s still something to appreciate. Let’s move along to the episode itself now shall we?

Here we have Yorktown, Enty’s sister. I’m guessing she got hurt real bad during the war so now she’s bed ridden.

And here we have a proper introduction to everyone’s favorite maid Belfast! Such a refined lady!

Typical anime flashback. At least we get to see Belafast’s boobs at a nice angle.


And here we have the royal introduction for Warspite, (who has a interesting choice in underwear.) The over powered Hood, Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth and my personal  favorite Sheffield; I guess you could say they are the faces of the Royal Navy.

Since support has arrived, Iron Blood decides to retreat for that is the only logical thing that they can come up with. I’m probably just nitpicking. Also, don’t let Hammann drift off on her own. Who knows where she’ll end up.

Upon remembering the events that had happened, Enty decides that the most logical think to do after a battle is to push herself even harder. Meanwhile we have Belfast giving her advice on how to handle things but you know, Enty is too much of a MC to hear that nonsense.

A brief scene of the girls eating, Seems Laffy really likes burgers, either that or the navy can’t afford a variety of food or the studio is lazy. Hammann also appears to be a cook. That’s a important waifu trait.

The Royal Navy have a meeting regarding how MC Enty is getting and how it can jeopardize everybody, even her allies, in the long run.

Good old fashion flustered Hammann, it’s like that one person in you’re party that cracks you up because of how hysterical and happy they are, except in this case it’s a embarrassed cat. It’s too bad that they didn’t bother to show Hammann’s underwear. I’m guessing it’s either because it’s super lewd and they’re saving it for the BD or they don’t have a design for her. Also didn’t realise that Vestal rocks the Hestia string boob thing, interresting design for a nun looking girl.


We finally have our beach episode and it’s barely episode three! Unfortunately we don’t get any wardrobe malfunction like the previous episode, nor do we get any type of breast physics whatsoever but we do get girls in bikini’s!  Hammann looks especially nice in a bikini.

This scene is literally filler. It last for half a minute of these two staring at Sandy as she gets molded by a shark. What a great (lazy) way to spend the episode, especially the beach one. Hammann being buried in sand makes up for it a little, at least for me.

Later on we have a heartwarming scene with Unicorn playing on the beach (and a great shot of her legs…) Enty can’t seem to grasp any other meaning than fighting. A problem that will surely be resolved as the series progresses. Also would like that Manjuu volleyball, hope that’s just a volleyball and not just a big Manjuu that they are just tossing around.

Starts raining because… why not right? So much for wet see-through service or a changing-wet-clothes service but at least I get to see Hammann get dried off.

Only noteworthy thing here is the various expressions Hammann has to offer.

And we are finally introduced to the few Eastern Radiance ships that the series has. My guess is that we’ll only see these two seeing as they would want to focus on the main factions. The small-chested one is Ping-Hai and the big-breasted one is Ning-Hai, They’re pretty cute Chinese ships but not the best for team formation as far as the game is concerned. They give out a distress signal which has our characters out to investigate.

And just like that the battle is over. Kinda feels underwhelming to be honest but whatever, doubt anybody really want’s to see high quality battles going on and hey we get a nice shot of Ping-Hai’s string pantsu. Hamman is also a medic, nice.

And with that the episode concludes with Bel promising Enty that she will show her the proper way a lady must act or something like that.

My overall thoughts so far from what I’ve see for this series so far seems a bit worried. On one hand we have a great cast of characters that gets to be showed off, even if it is only briefly at times. On the other hand, we are also seeing a show that seems to have a bit of a identity crisis going on. It can’t seem to decide if it want’s to be Type-A, Type-B or a mixed bag of thing’s with a sprinkle of slice of life. I’ll still stick to the show no matter what route they go. I just hope they realize that they have a fan base that likes their fan service mobile game (and loli’s) but also the characters coming to life as well. We can only hope they go the right direction with this show otherwise we may be looking at another KanColle 2.5. On a different note the ending seems to add changes as the episodes go on. It’s nice to see. I’ll also make a list of the top ten ships that I want to appear in the anime as well as a top 5 that’ll more than likely show up. Let me know who you guys think will show up or ships you want to show up. Also like to give a shoutout to kk for some the webms and Ares for assisting me with some the stitches. Until next time, see ya!

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