Cheating Craft TV Fanservice Review Episodes 06 – 12 (END)

Cheating your way to the very end is a thing in this anime…

Let’s finish what we started, shall we?…


Where Japan and China once again, prove that they can make a shonen fighting show out of anything and we do mean anything.  Ecchi fans probably remember Ben-To and shonen fighting while grocery shopping.  This time it’s shonen fighting while cheating on school exams…

Plot synopsis from AniDB:

In a world where people are sorted since childhood depending on the results of their exams, only those who excel in education obtain happiness. Learning Types(those who prioritize study) and Cheating Types (those who prefer to climb the educational ladder by cheating) occasionally cooperate with each other, but there exists a great rivalry between them. The story follows C Type student Shokatsu Mumei and L Type student Ou Koui who struggle together to pass tests.

Tags from AniDB:

half-length episodes, novel

Shonen should be one of the tags as well…

Gonna let the images speak for themselves, this time around, and save my comments for the end…

Episode 06

Episode 07

Episode 08

Episode 09

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12



Talk about forgettable.  *coughs*  Been almost 3 years since the first Cheating Craft review and I can barely remember anything outside of “nice character designs for the girls”….

But the images above do tell a story.  Albeit not a good one.  More like a WTF happened story.  Let’s see.  There were nice character designs for the girls.  Even a redheaded tsundere legal loli teacher.  But too many wasted opportunities to show off those nice character designs.  There were some fanservice scenes but usually really tame ones.  Although a few were amusing.  Way too many dudes.  Not nearly enough girls.  And the dudes get manservice scenes?  WTH??  Then there are a lot of strange locations which made little sense.  Then the teachers turn into aliens from outer space which makes no sense at all.  Then there is some kind of final battle and the good guys cheaters won.  Then the final scene is some bug getting the D from a naked dude instead of a girl.  WTF?????  Was that supposed to be a bad joke or something?  More like something that was not the least bit funny.  More like cheating till the very end…

Long story short is this anime short from China turned into crap.  Which is why I’m done with TENCENT anime.  The character designs of the girls tend to be quality.  But unfortunately, the rest of the anime turns into crap.  Stuff like characters, story, artwork, animation, directing and production values.  Even worse is that their crappy anime shows tend to get sequels.  And even sequels of sequels.  And the production values for each sequel tends to be even crappier.  Not worth watching.  Much less making media for.  So I’m done with making media for TENCENT anime from China.  No matter how fetching the character designs of the girls are.  I’m not falling for those bewitching looks again…


All of my HD WebMs were included in this review.   For downloading, you can find my album here:  06-12.