Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen Fanservice Review

Kiss-Shot grows in some very important places. Hanekawa continues to be a tease.

Part two of Kizumonogatari covers the retrieval of Kiss-Shots stolen body parts, resulting in the gradual inflation of her ass and tits. Not to be outdone, Hanekawa makes several lewd offerings to Araragi to gain his trust and/or to seduce him.

Araragi tries to sever his friendship with Hanekawa out of concern for her life. Not only does Hanekawa ignore this request, she flashes her panties for the second time.

After being thoroughly whipped by Hanekawa, Araragi defeats the first of the vampire hunters in an awesome scene not shown here because zero fanservice. The end result is Kiss-Shot aging a few years and flaunting her new body.

While Kiss-Shot sleeps (because you know, vampire), Hanekawa makes a move on Araragi.

Hanekawa obviously wants to fuck Araragi. Like, obviously. But Monogatari falls in line with 99% of other ecchi romances that shy away from depicting genuine intimacy. So nothing transpires from this scene other than mild titillation.

It is a running gag in Monogatari that Araragi has a serious fetish for glasses girls. Evidently to the extent of collecting pornography of them. This would seem to make Hanekawa his ideal lover.

Previously, Hanekawa got her wish to stick around Araragi in spite of how dangerous his environment is. I wonder what the aftermath of that decision would be.

Hanekawa predictably gets skewered as a result of being a total liability on the battlefield. Not often you see best girls die. Fortunately Araragi dispatches of the assailant very quickly and revives her through his own blood. We can see some underboob in the midst of the chaos. We also get a look at Hanekawa without her glasses on.

With the second vampire hunter defeated, Kiss-Shot undergoes another growth spurt. This time into the form of an eighteen year old girl blessed by the gods of thiccness.

There are few things more disconcerting than bare boobs without nipples. Quite the disappointment to be teased with a flash of nudity and not get that full picture. Regardless, adult Kiss-shot is a bombshell.

There is one last hunter for Araragi to defeat. He figures to be the strongest adversary yet. Hanekawa gives him a wonderful good luck charm for his impending battle.

heartwarming scene

that is immediately undercut by Hanekawa being captured (again)  by one of the villains who Araragi warned would come after her. He saves her (again) but has to fully embrace his inner monstrosity in order to do so, sacrificing his humanity in the process.

Film two gives us several bare ass shots, better Kiss-shot service and a panty stripping scene. In the finale will be an epic cocktease involving unhooked bra Hanekawa, and more service for the adult version of Kiss Shot. Presumably with her limbs intact this time.

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