Azur Lane Episode 5 Fanservice Review

We are back again with episode 5 of Azur Lane and unfortunately it turned into a type-A anime. I’m not against them trying to go for a story but when you’re main audience consists of mainly waifu fags (like myself) then you lose your whole appeal. This goes back to the whole identity crisis thing were the whole show tries to be a hybrid of everything. There’s no pleasing everyone but at the very least they can do the one thing they do right, and that is to make waifu’s great again… Anyway, not much for service here so we’ll just get into what’s left of it.

It’s always nice to see Sheffield, as a maid from the Royal Navy since she takes her job very seriously. We get a proper introduction of Yamashiro and she’s just as cute as she is in the game. Her outfit is also quite lewd for a battleship. If you haven’t seen it already check out her official artwork and you’ll see. Unfortunately we don’t see much with her seeing as they shifted the overall tone with the episode in favor of more story.

Nothing strange about Royal Navy ships camping out with a stray cat from the Sakura Empire. Gotta love how Akashi just adapts to the situation.

Just a little friendly scene of Atago playing around with her sister Takao. Aynami politely declines the offer from Atago to join in. We get some new faces around here as well as Yamashiro’s sister Fusou.

A maid’s smile can truly lighten up anybody’s day, especially if it’s from the head maid herself Belfast.

A hug from big sister Atago? Sign me up!!!

Lucky Ayanami getting the smothered treatment.

Though i never cared for Repluse (even though she was my first battleship I used…) , you gotta love this little animation with her.

Poor Yamashiro, she finally gets screen time and this is what she gets?

Probably the only service you’re getting, aside from the few glimpses of Yamashiro’s side boob.

Oh, nevermind you get to see some nice cleavage shots from Oklahoma.

They’re not even worth their time. While all of this is happening, we see some not so high quality battling taking place.

Yamashiro is a good cat. Wait, is she a cat?

After Enty makes a appearance, all of Ironblood decides to retreat because they’re clearly at a severe disadvantage now. Seriously, this scene felt so forced that it didn’t leave me with any impression.

The power of bonds. Clearly, Laffy has learned a thing or two from the power of friendship speeches that every MC likes to use.

And with that we conclude episode 5. Not much to say aside from the lack of service, though there was some I guess. At least the animation was ok but still crappy.