Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 11 Fanservice Review

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Jet Girls returns with nudity this episode. It is still a mystery as to why we went two consecutive weeks with zero quality nipple shots, including a beach episode with every reason to see a bra flying off into the ocean.

Jet Girls also returns with Team Kandagawa melodrama at the sacrifice of lighthearted CGDCT shenanigans, so there isn’t much of a focus on other teams this time around.

Episode 11 starts in the middle of a celebration for team Kandagawa advancing to the Jet Racing finals

You may be wondering when the preliminary racing occured – Team Kandagawa had zero wins in the cup last we saw them. This means their victories were all done offscreen. The only shots we get of these races are reused footage from previous episodes. Like so

Pathetic to the point of comedy. But the races suck anyway, so I don’t care so long as the nude service continues. It does.

This is Misa’s older sister, Risa, a champion Jet racer. Living up to the reputation of her older sister is  a source for Misa’s self doubt and general lack of confidence. At this point, it seems safe to say we won’t get any service from the older sibling or Rin’s deceased MILF.

For a moment I was excited to see these two in a changing room again. but…

..zero nudity! in a changing scene! how can you show two of the hottest girls in the show stripped down to their bathing suits, including chubby waifu and her size L tities, and not show them nude? I feel personally attacked.

Looks like an album cover. Freckled mechanic girl and Kandagawa discuss some jargon about enhancing the speed of their vehicle. None of this is easy to follow because of the time skip that glosses over their recent performances. There’s a disconnect between the viewer and the characters experiences in competition at this point.

Rin, in the middle of preparing for a competition that may decide the future of her life, decides to take a vacation back home. Misa goes to a “training” camp hosted by the shrine maidens to get better at racing too.

Rin is simulating herself being groped by people of her hometown. She seems quite accustomed to this. Weird scene that makes for a funny gif.

The idol girls follow Rin for some reason. The more the merrier.

Rin has a tendency of cupping her tities when she’s emotional. She does so here because the idol twins offer some encouragement about her dead MILF.

Misa seems to be working hard in her training session with the shrine maiden team. They all take a bath and we finally see the last introduced team nude. but…

A zoomed out motionless panning shot is what we get for their titty debuts. Bummer.

After a vacay the girls return with their spirits renewed. Misa ends the episode saying she has something to tell Rin. Confession? Doubtful. But Jet Girls will pretend as though it is one to create some fake suspense that no one is buying.

If the primary motive of Jet Girls is fanservice, it leaves a lot to be desired. The nude scenes on average are very short and seem more like a checklist obligation than a dedicated effort on the part of the studio to give as much service as can reasonably fit within a given episode. There’s a huge imbalance in the nudity that some girls are given compared to others, which would typically be fine if there were more creativity in how those same characters are shown nude (Not the case here; it’s Misa/Rin bathing in most episodes) or it were not at the expense of the more attractive girls in the show. Both loli and massive oppai fans are being shortchanged here with the idol twins, chubby waifu and her master being mostly left out of the fun.

If the primary motive of Jet Girls is to promote a racing game, then it utterly fails to provide a coherent and inviting presentation of the gameplay mechanics that it supposedly wants to sell to us. The racing aspect of this show is so badly executed that you wish it were not involved at all. Unfortunately, the final episode looks to be heavy with racing, and since we know nudity does not happen on bikes it just means less opportunities to see the nude fanservice that we all crave.

According to atx, Jet Girls is delayed until the 7th of January. So no episode next week. Ideally this means the final episode puts forth an incredible effort, but I’m not sure this anime has given us enough of a reason to be excited for that to happen. Best to approach the finale with mild expectations.

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