Hajimete no Gal Fanservice Review Episode 8 [UPDATED]

Bikinis, a bath scene, and…a nip slip?


[UPDATE1] Unfortunately, NoxBasket deleted her gfycat account after she stopped writing for fapservice. Her WebMs for this review have been re-uploaded to gfycat and the album link has been updated.  In addition,  gfycat embed code was updated from an old WordPress plugin to newer Responsive Iframes. Please note that this is a review of the TV show as it aired and not the BDs.


Yes folks, Hajimete just might have nudity, as IHaveNoName pointed out in the comments awhile ago. Around the 14-minute mark, during a lengthy bath scene, is when Ranko’s supposed areola can be seen briefly, only to be covered by Nene’s hair ties. There are some other shots with censorship in this episode that can possibly hold opportunities for nudity. Hajimete possibly being a nude show is a total surprise too, considering that the source material was entirely nipple-free.

Potential nudity aside (yes, the scene will be covered here, it’s going to take some scrolling though), this episode might be the heaviest on service. If y’all don’t remember, the previous episode ended with our main cast heading to the beach after they earned enough money from their summer jobs. Of course, the first half of this episode begins with everyone having a blast at the beach.

What a way to start an episode.

Nene is as clingy as ever. Too bad Yame totally captivates Junichi in her bikini.

The whole gang’s here! Yay!

Nene goes and calls Junichi over to play in the water, while Yui suffers from A-cup angst.

Side note, has anyone noticed how much her chest size fluctuates? One moment she’s at least a B-cup and the next she’s totally flat chested. Oh well…

Who wears flip-flops in the water?

Meanwhile, two of Junichi’s pals go and ogle at some beach babes. It’s nice to see, even if the obvious lack of budget is more blatant here (and in some other parts).

Back to our main cast. Junichi and the girls toss around a beach ball.

Ranko’s going for the kill!

Poor Yui, if only you knew that tits aren’t everything (well, each to their own).

Who are these two guys? Well, that doesn’t matter because Ranko and Yukana want Junichi to apply lotion to their backs.

Onsen time!

The BDs might fix this by removing the shrubs. Removing objects in the foreground isn’t uncommon for censorship fixes.

Possible redraw.

Here it is guys. The alleged nip slip. Look very carefully through the webM (change the speed on Gfycat if it helps) to catch a couple frames of Ranko’s areolas.

The rounded marking on Yame’s breast just might be a nipple, although it’s very skin-colored.

Even Yui isn’t left alone.

When Yui’s going after Yame’s chest in the webM, it’s blurred and cut very quickly. Perhaps there will be changes for BDs here too.

That concludes the bath scene. Ending shows Junichi and Yame encountering a mysterious man…? Woman…?

End card!

WebM album here. 

Fanservice quality-wise is very hit and miss. There are some shots that rushed and badly drawn, but a couple of decently drawn ones as well. Hopefully BDs will redraw and fix some of the poorly-animated scenes.

The fact that there’s a nip slip all of a sudden here is very startling, maybe even concerning. I’ve doubted any chance of nudity with this show, and to be honest I still sort of do. I hate to be pessimistic and all, but faking nudity on TV versions has happened before (ahem Absolute Duo). However, it’s not that I don’t want the show to have nudity, because I’d love to be proven wrong. I’ll be looking forward to what else Hajimete will offer in the future.