Azur Lane Episode 6 BD Fanservice Review

The one episode wonder in the series that had nipples.

When Azur Lane aired, episode 6 had lots of steam. On the BD release, it was the only episode out of all 12 that had nipple sightings. And even then it was only for a few specific characters.

Some notable nipple sightings, but certainly not all:

  • Illustrious
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • St. Louis
  • Unicorn
  • Vestal

I have split up this post into five parts based on the episode’s structure:

  1. Part 1: Breakfast
  2. Part 2: Festivities with Kaga and Akagi
  3. Part 3: Dialogue between Belfast/Enterpise and Javelin/Laffey
  4. Part 4: Bath
  5. Part 5: Post-Bath


Part 1: Breakfast

The first part of the episode where Enterprise wakes up and the ship ladies have breakfast.


Belfast with Enterprise! Gotta love the cleavage shots for Belfast in this episode.

Gotta love how in this picture it looks like Enterprise is just nonchalantly staring at Belfast’s cleavage.

Rodney makes an appearance on the left with some others during breakfast.

And we see Vestal alongside Hornet. Gotta love Vestal’s smile HNNNNG.

Video Snippets

I can just imagine Vestal staring into the cube and thinking “so THIS is the secret to seeing Prinz Eugen’s nipples…”


Part 2: Festivities with Kaga and Akagi

Kaga and Akagi encounter some smaller girls, get some candy, and then some other festivities happen.


We get some nice cleavage shots for Kaga and Akagi.

Then we see Enterprise walking alongside Belfast, and some other girls enjoying festivities.

Video Snippets


Part 3: Dialogue between Belfast/Enterpise and Javelin/Laffey

The part before the bath scenes.


Belfast with that smile about disciplining Enterprise into being a maid suited for any household… I’m pretty sure we can guess what was going on in her head.

Yup. That giggle and smile.

Then after Belfast and Enterprise have their conversation, we get a shot from behind for Javelin and Laffey with her usual outfit being loose.

Video Snippets


Part 4: Bath

What most of this post will focus on. This is essentially the “one hit wonder” part of the episode, where on the TV airing it had lots of steam/censorship and then it was removed in the BD release. Only this episode had nipple sightings.

Part of the pictures will also have corresponding videos for the individual ship ladies that pass by when Javelin and Laffey try to cheer up Unicorn about being comfortable with her body.


This is such a substantial part of the episode that I’m basically going to have subcategories here.

Locker Room

We see Hood along with several other ship ladies. Since there were numerous pans during the undressing, you can find those over in the Video Snippets section.

“What cute underwear! I love the color!”

Sheffield: “I don’t wear knickers.”

Bath with the ladies

Queen Elizabeth gives her speech about how the bath was built by the Royal Navy and how hot springs aren’t exclusive to Sakura Empire.

“It’s quite impressive your majesty.” *clap clap*

Unicorn and her body image

In this section I cover the parts where Unicorn is embarrassed about her body but Javelin and Laffey provide support for her into being comfortable with her body.

Unicorn does indeed have quite a surprising bust. It’s hidden well under that white dress she usually wears and usually covers her front with the unicorn she holds.

Gotta love that smile.

Naked Ship Ladies Passing By

In this section is the ship ladies that pass by after Javelin and Laffey talk with Unicorn.

St. Louis nipple sighting.

Nevada nipple sighting.

South Dakota nipple sighting.


Illustrious and Prince of Wales

Video Snippets

There will also be subcategories for this.

Locker Room undressing

Unicorn undressing

Main Bath

Unicorn with Javelin and Laffey

The naked ship ladies passing by back to back.

If you want it with the music included.

Illustrious and Prince of Wales

“You look rather pleased about something.”

“Yes. Very much.”


Part 5: Post-Bath

The part after the bath scenes.


Enjoying some banter at the bar. Sirius makes a cameo appearance.

I’d love me some drunk nuns.

Not gonna lie, these clothes look really comfy.

Prinz Eugen and Kaga having a chat.

Yes, they are after the same thing: wanting to see Prinz Eugen nipples.

Ending with Belfast and Enterprise, originally Enterprise drinking a coffee and then Belfast offering alcohol.

Yup, she’s holding that bottle right in front of her cleavage so we can stare at that nice spot.

Video Snippets


Closing Thoughts

While it was nice seeing some of those nipple sightings, there definitely could have been more. I would have liked Hood nipples in this, she’s a fine madam if I do say so myself.

If you want some back to back Bri’ish lady locker room talk, see the below video snippet.


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