Berserk (2016) Fanservice Review Episodes 4-6


For a non-fanservice series, Berserk has had a barbie doll nude scene in damn near every episode.  There’s even a surprise nipple sighting, though it’s a weird one.

The nipple sighting occurs in episode four, I’m not exactly sure what the hell that monstrosity is, but it has boobs and nipples.  You can see it in the first picture.


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It’s hard to say if the BD will add nipples or not.  I’m guessing they will, since these nude scenes are mostly intended to disturb, and going for full nudity will aid in that effect.  All previous iterations of Berserk had nipples, and now technically the 2016 version does as well.

There are some erotic moments too.  Though never in a fun way, like say, High School DxD.

Still, the amount of nudity so far is kind of mind-blowing.  I didn’t remember there being this much nudity this often in the manga.  They’ve really been story-boarding this adaptation to max out the nude scenes so far.

As far as the anime goes, it’s either your kind of thing or it isn’t.  I really wish they had gone the 2D route.  The art quality is actually pretty good at times, but the characters move and look almost like mannequins.  3D anime isn’t ready for primetime just yet.