Tennen Kakutou Shoujo Chihiro-chan manga translation!

Fapservice’s first manga translations! We get into the scanlation game!

      (Yup,…but not really. Sorry to disappoint as you’ll see.)

      Here’s something new and a first for the site. Here’s a translation of chapter 20 of Tennen Kakutou Shoujo Chihiro-chan. This was/is a long dead manga that finished publication of few years ago.

      Only the first five chapters were translated nearly six years ago, though there are 5 volumes. Of which a fanservice compilation has been made.

      You might be wondering why I chose and paid to have chapter 20 translated rather then the next sequential chapter. Honestly, my main intention was to hopefully get a scanlation group to pick it up. Fans of ENF (embarrassed nude females) will no doubt be more than familiar with this manga and will know that this was the most “notorious” or well known chapter, because of the ambiguity of what was happening without translations. So I hope this will grab the attention of scanlations groups. If not…well having even one more translated chapter of this excellent ecchi manga doesn’t hurt.

      So without further ado, the first manga translations on Fapservice with help from Cecilbk Translations.

Tennen Kakutou Shoujo Chihiro-chan chapter 20

I think these translations put to bed spectuatlions that this was essentially an orgy, as some comments speculated in the fanservice compilation post and elsewhere. Though I wouldn’t doubt if people still think “something” more is going on than mere rubbing on this page, translations be damned. So as you can tell, this was perhaps (but maybe not) a one time thing. Time will tell.

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Chapter 20 of Tennen Kakutou Shoujo Chihiro-chan

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