Bikini Warriors announces new anime project


Good on you, Hobby Japan.  This needed to happen.

Breaking details on new anime announcements are often vague and confusing, but the recent Bikini Warriors announcement seems more open to interpretation than most.  Apparently we’ll be getting a single disk DVD/BD OVA, and that OVA will have a total runtime of 32 minutes.  It will include two new episodes.

However, the production description also mentions a “sexy full Rebirth sexy” version of existing episodes:


Sequel of the summer 2015 has been TV broadcast “Bikini Warriors”. This time was a guest on TV, Hunter, Valkyrie, and a new character, clerics, and a complete new work 2 episodes Kunoichi the advent, hyper, which was level up the TV series 6 episode of 12 episodes in sexy full Rebirth sexy version added, recorded episodes total of 8.


Initially, even Japanese bloggers thought this to mean that the massive tease-fest in episode six would get a proper uncensoring.  But reading this a few times, it seems at least to me to suggest that six of the previous twelve TV airing (non-nude) episodes are getting some kind of sexy makeover.  I would assume this means that they are going to add nipples, which were conspicuously absent even as the TV broadcast seemed to be flirting with the idea of showing them.  Maybe episode six will be among the six altered episodes from the original run.  It probably will be.

Part of the announcement also mentions something along the lines of “2+6=8”, which would imply that two new episodes plus six “rebirthed” ones add up to 8 episodes on the disc.  The previous series featured four minute episodes, multiply that by eight and you get 32 minutes- which happens to be the listed run-time of this new OVA.

Personally, I think this is great news if this interpretation proves correct.  The no-nipple trolling was the only bad thing about an anime that was otherwise one of 2015’s most pleasant surprises.  It would be great to see some of those episodes again with nipples shown, as they should have been all along.  Not to mention, there’s a ton of characters we still haven’t seen fully naked in the show.  With some positive changes to old episodes that could change in a big way.

Thanks to Ihavenoname for sniffing this news out.  He also added some further speculation that I thought was very interesting:


I really wished I had saved the tweet or did some more research on who this person was, but back in December I saw a rather odd tweet from someone in Japan about the first Ova that was promoting it.


He said something to the effect of “there were disagreements among the staff but we reached a decisions please enjoy.” I just ignored it thinking it was some random Japanese guy but I kind of wonder if it was true.


Perhaps half the staff wanted the show to be comedy while the other half wanted fanservice and this might be what led to no nipples in the show. So the OVA might have been to let the fanservice side have their way maybe.


This makes sense to me.  I always thought it was weird how episodes 1-12 went out of their way to tease nipples but not show them, only to show them in a lewd manner during episode 13.  It felt like a creative compromise to me.

If this speculation is correct, it would help explain why Hobby Japan / Studio Feel felt that the new “sexy full Rebirth sexy” versions for six of the episodes were necessary.

One last detail from the announcement that is worth speculating- the titles of the two new episodes sound more like a beginning than an ending:


# 1, “The beginning of the epic story, from always a chance meeting.”

# 2 “New legend is to start from here.”


I wouldn’t quite go so far as to say a second season is inevitable, but I do think that Hobby Japan is hopeful based on these title choices.