Keijo!!!!!!!! announces Fall air date with buzzworthy PV

We all knew Keijo!!!!!!!! would be sexy.  Based on this PV, it looks like it will be entertaining as well.

Here are a few takeaways from watching this PV:

The first is that it looks gorgeous.  It doesn’t seem to be cutting corners during the action sequences at all.  That’s not a huge surprise given that it’s the only ecchi anime by Xebec in a 15 month span and Xebec tends to have consistently good quality.

The second is that, in a manner unusual to Xebec’s previous practices, this PV is overtly playing the role of hype man.  There’s even an official english dubbed version of this trailer (which makes the engrishy sentence “This much anticipated BlockBUSTer of this century makes its debut.” delightfully entertaining when read with a straight face in English).  Obviously, braggadocio is not something you find much of in Japanese culture, so the use of it here seems very intentional, almost as if to harness a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure  or Shokugeki no Souma  type of vibe.

Interestingly enough, those were the same two most recent anime projects (partially) financed by Warner Bros, who also appear to have some form of producer role with Keijo!!!!!!!!  as well.

Hopefully the money- and some degree of influence from an American production company- will not impede Xebec from making this anime as faptacular as it deserves to be.  There is a little bit of that fear in the back of my mind, but I trust Xebec.  And the best part is, we don’t even have to wait all that long to find out, with Keijo!!!!!!!!  now officially joining a fairly strong Fall 2016 ecchi lineup.