Bikini Warriors episode 16 gives Cleric the spotlight

Look what santa brought for christmas.


Some backstory on this ova for those who are not aware of it and how we managed to get hold of it to post about it thanks to someone. This ova was a bonus with the recent Cleric figure which initially released back in September. However due to various shipping problems Hobby Japan stopped all shipments and sent out a recall to reclaim all the figures and ovas that were already in the hands of a few that got theirs early. Unfortunately none of those who had the ova back in September posted screens let alone rips of it so we were left waiting till December when the figure and ova would be released again after these problems were fixed.

The figure was released finally last week but despite this no one that had the figure in Japan posted screens of it so we were again left wondering when we would finally get to see it. Fortunately someone that bought it decided to share it with us. Thanks to Waavve from MyFigureCollection for buying the figure and sharing the ova and thanks to Kodasu for getting in contact with him and asking about the ova so we could get it. This is probably a first for the site since nowhere else on the internet currently has anyone posted pics of the ova so we are possibly the first to show it off (at least until other sites take everything from in here and repost it without giving credit to where and who provided it). So special thanks to Waavve for getting this to us otherwise who knows how long we would have needed to wait for the ova to appear.

This ova contained 1 episode which is number 16 and prominently features Cleric (which makes sense since it came with her figure).

Cleric and her party arrive at the castle of the main villain they are trying to beat and enter it.

After entering they meet a tentacle monster that wants to say hello in the only way he knows how.

When arriving at the next area it seems Hunter and Kunoichi realize it may be a trap but Cleric walks in anyway and steps on a floor trigger activating the trap.

The trap dumps a bunch of clothes destroying slime on everyone except for Kunoichi who was smart enough to jump out of the way after Cleric stepped on the panel.

They arrive at the final boss and Cleric uses her powers of being a cleric to enchant everyone’s weapons for the fight since casting buffs before the final battle is what you always do in games.

After a fight that we don’t really get to see they defeat him. But like all final bosses he  doesn’t die right away and decides to activate his crystal as one last attempt to take everyone out with him presumably.

Cleric decides the best course of action is to destroy the crystal first before it can do anything so she runs toward it to smash it. This however results in the whole thing exploding and taking a large area along with it. And with that the credits roll as everyone is surely dead now…

Only a fool doesn’t watch till after the credits finish be it a game, show, or movie as there is more.

The others discover a wanted poster in town with Cleric and her group displayed presumably for the destruction they caused in that battle. Since their names and faces have been crossed out they have already been captured so that means they can’t try to collect the bounty themselves. The small cameo the original characters have ends here with one final shot of what happened to Cleric’s group.

We see they have been captured and imprisoned just like what happened to the other characters once before. And with that the episode ends.


WebM Album.


So that ends the newest episode however things are not over yet. We still have another ova that was announced this past summer that will be released presumably next year and will feature the two new characters Necromancer and Dark Knight. The figure even included the flyer for the next ova that was given out at the event this past summer. As for the new characters if you haven’t seen them yet here they are.

Akazawa RED does a bunch of loli hentai so they are definitely going for the loli crowd with her by having him design her.


Based on their description’s at the official site it appears that the two of them might be traveling together. Necromancer’s description mentions that she respects Black Knight but Black Knight doesn’t like the undead which is obviously a problem when the other person controls the undead. Also Black Knight’s description seems to imply she is a mercenary. Since we have seen that parties in the show eventually consist of 4 members we can assume that far into the future they will probably announce two more characters to eventually join them as well(give me a megane character). That probably won’t be till long after this next upcoming ova though. So far Necromancer and Dark Knight don’t have figures announced yet but will obviously get some. Since Wonder Festival winter is in February that is my guess on a potential time they may show one or both of them off. As for the next ova maybe they will say something there as well but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to wait for summer since that tends to be when announcements happen most often for the series.

Some final things of note here is a picture of the poster that came with the figure that someone in japan posted but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a nude side like some of the previous posters did.  

Also here is the gift that Hobby Japan gave to people to make up for the delay/recall of the Cleric figure. It is a autographed picture.


It was nice to have a new episode after a year but there was something strange about this and that is the fact that it avoided showing any nudity of Kunoichi which is odd since they have already avoided showing her nude multiple times now including the previous episodes. No idea if it is related but her designer is Yasuda Suzuhito whom I don’t think has done nudity before as opposed to the other artists for the other characters that have. Her figure was nude but the anime seems to avoid it so who knows. But that is just a nude theory don’t know if that is the case maybe they are just saving it as a gag of sorts before finally delivering. This episode didn’t seem as extreme as some of the previous ova episodes which is a shame but it still gave us nudity of 3 of the characters and the real service of the episode being the prison part at the end. Would have liked for the tentacle part to be longer than it was though and maybe involve the others as well since that seemed like a missed opportunity and could had been the highlight of the episode.

This ova did include a digital gallery on it that apparently contains a bunch if not all of the artwork for the series that was released so far so that might mean it even includes the nude art that was on posters and other materials but we won’t know till that is able to be extracted but having high resolution pics of that would be nice. Again give a special thanks to Waavve for giving us this ova since without him we wouldn’t have it to post pics of and Kodasu for contacting him. Getting this together for Christmas seems perfect since many probably lost all hope of seeing it show up anytime soon and since we are the first to show it it’s a nice christmas gift. Now let’s see if we are popular enough to get linked to by a bunch of japanese sites for being the first to provide pics this time.

This ova needed more Mage. Why must best girl be ignored? Of course if they finally decide to give us a megane character eventually I might deem her new best girl instead. But I want her to be a small chested megane character and shy. Do that and she will have to take Mage’s place for me. Also I wonder how long till the fucks at a certain shitty english site steal these pics and post them without giving credit to where they came from.