7th 7sins BD special has the tables turned on Asmodeus


Making the demon of lust ahegao.


The final 7sins BD has been released and with it was an uncensored version of the 12th special that aired online during the show’s run and the final 19th special for the last BD titled “I am a devil”. First to start with the new special.


Maria has been captured by Asmodeus whom plans on doing something to her..

Asmodeus takes out an aphrodisiac to use on Maria (Look at my previous BD post from last month and what I wrote at the end of it. My prediction about a aphrodisiac was right). Also the topless part goes by super fast that if you don’t go frame by frame during this part you will miss it because her exposed breasts is really only one frame.

Asmodeus puts the liquid in Maria’s mouth by using what seems to be her own mouth. In other words she drinks it and transfers it to Maria’s mouth by kissing. For some reason though they gave us a back of the head camera angle so we didn’t get to see her doing it which is a shame.

You gonna get raped.

The aphrodisiac ends up being too powerful causing Maria to become lewd enough that she overtakes Asmodeus and begins to do to Asmodeus what she had probably planned to do to Maria after giving her that aphrodisiac only for the plan to backfire.

Butt waggle 1

Butt waggle 2

Both butt waggles

Asmodeus now fully aroused from the vibrator wants to fuck. A shame she didn’t make Maria drink a futa potion as well as that would have turned this special quickly into one of the best specials made.

Maria not having a dick has to settle for using the vibrator instead. Though this brings up the question of why didn’t Asmodeus have a strap on with her if she carries a vibrator with her. Surely she would have wanted to use one on Maria after making her drink that potion and this would have worked out perfectly with Maria now taking it and putting it on to fuck her instead.

Maria should have put the tail in her mouth which is what you are supposed to do to all girls be it demon or animal that have a tail.

Asmodeus goes full ahegao after getting the vibrator shoved in her. Or maybe she is just really happy that 7virtues has already got an anime announced.



Webm Album.


Also on the BD was an uncensored version of the 12th special which was a hotsprings episode. Nylon66 posted some pics here if you want to see the rest of them. I took some pics from the original airing so you can compare them to the uncensored pics nylon posted.


Also included much like the other BDs was a booklet and case artwork which Nylon showed pics of. Hopefully now that all the BDs are out the remaining BD booklets that haven’t been scanned yet will appear next.

The booklet like the previous ones was done by a variety of artists the majority of which do hentai and fitting for a Asmodeus booklet a bunch of them have done demon girl hentai before. The manga portions of the booklet were done by the Aiue Oka and Usui. Interestingly that second guy has done hentai of some of the characters before (Asmodeus fitting enough) so HJ must have been impressed with the porn he made of the characters to hire him to do a manga segment in this. Also included in the booklet is artwork by 10 different artists which are Aramaki EchizenRei KuniOjigiSansyoku AmidoTakanae KyourinTsuneoNekomata NaomiHiyori MizukiHyakuyama Hyaku, and Ryuuki Yumi.


Now that this last BD has been released 7sins is over for now. This series received a large amount of negativity online but I don’t really think it was as bad as people treat it as. People went in with expectations on what they wanted it to be and when it wasn’t what they expected they ended up hating the show. Probably would have helped if Hobby Japan had made it clear it would be more focused on story rather than lewd so people didn’t have the wrong impression going in.  Despite this 7sins did actually have some positives about it that many seem to either not realize or were too focused on being enraged that the show wasn’t what they wanted to notice it. To me a show deserves some praise if it bring something new to the genre or furthers it or does something innovative with the genre. 7sins actually did do that in one aspect but people don’t seem to give it credit for this because they possibly don’t even think about it. When the show was airing we received a new weekly special every week right after the episode ended that was aired on niconico and youtube. Sure these specials were censored when they aired and not all of them delivered nudity but the important thing is the idea behind it. As far as I know there has been no other ecchi series that did weekly specials that were aired online like 7sins did. Monster Musume did something similar with it’s daily shorts years ago but these were only around 20-30 seconds long and only had time for a quick gag while these specials for 7sins were around a minute and a half to two minutes long allowing for some kind of plot to them.

At the end of the day we got 19 specials in total with 12 being shown weekly and 7 being BD exclusive with the runtime of all this extra content being around 30 minutes which is above average when it comes to extra content on BDs compared to other ecchi series. Sure it was a shame that these specials weren’t as good as the short manga stories in the BD booklets but considering those were all made by hentai artists it makes sense they would be much better. That Belphegor story in her BD booklet had her crawling out of a tv and fucking the guy who was in the middle of fapping. Imagine if that had been her BD special instead it certainly would have made all the negativity people had for this series take a hit. Would have been really interesting if HJ had taken the concept they used with these BD booklets of hiring different hentai artists and had applied it to the specials which would have created a really unique thing. Just think how great it would have been if each special had been written and directed by a different hentai artist much like how these short stories in the booklet were. That is something I would really like to see done in a future show someday since this idea of hiring different hentai artists to do short manga for each BD was a really good one and provided some nice service as a result and was another positive this show had.

The point is these specials provided a new one each week and this was a new idea to the ecchi genre that I would really like to see become the norm. It would be nice if other companies start to pick up on this and give us weekly specials as well or at the very least if Hobby Japan continues this tradition. I hope they do this again when they do another full length show like maybe queens blade unlimited and provide us with a new special each week. Then there is the whole lewd booklets included with the BDs which were done by various hentai artists which were really nice additions that I would like to see done again for future series even if it is just Hobby Japan ones. Bikini Warriors had it’s characters designed by various hentai artists so imagine if HJ one day has each of them make a short lewd manga story similar to what was done with 7sins.

The show and series overall did have some positives to it but it seems like many people were more focused on what it could or should have been rather than accepting it for what it was that they couldn’t see any of the things that the show did right. The show did have some flaws and negatives but I tend to be a positive person so I mainly care about what went right rather than wrong which usually makes watching a show much easier when you aren’t enraged all the time. I almost think this show may have been an experiment by HJ to see how much story they could put into something as a focus point. Obviously those watching stuff like this don’t care that much for story so hopefully HJ got that message from this and know to shift focus on lewd first and story second for future projects. Since 7virtues is going to be 5 minutes next season that means it won’t be able to have a heavy focus on story like 7sins did so perhaps we will see what HJ learned appear in that.

As for the sales of the show they were actually pretty decent especially when compared to other ecchi series released this year. The sales of both BD+DVDs so far are v1=3,305, v2 =3,006, v3 =2,825, v4=2,488, v5=2,517, v6=2,624, wont know v7 till next week. Those are decent numbers and I believe puts 7sins as the highest selling ecchi of 2017 when you consider the sales of it’s competition this year. Also factor in that the figures were reissued during this period to capitalize on the show the series obviously got an increase in figure sales thanks to that not to mention the other merchandise. This project certainly made HJ money like they wanted and since we are already getting a 7virtues anime so soon they obviously saw this project as a success. As for future of 7sins itself it seems like for the time being focus will now go to 7virtues but perhaps after that they will return to 7sins after other projects get out of the way such as Queens Blade Unlimited and the new Bikini Warriors ova for next year. Would be nice to see an ova with the 7sins and 7virtues together at some point after both series have ran and had their chance to introduce their characters.

I was actually considering covering 7sins last year when I was working on Akiba’s Trip posts. I initially only intended on doing manga comps, news, and other posts but after doing AT I became used to covering shows and would have did 7sins but luigi said he wanted it. You can see hints I had interest in the series since I did the pv post for it and was going to challenge him for it but before that happened Soryo got announced for the same season and an r18 rated anime that was breaking new ground had me way more interested so I gave up the idea of covering 7sins to do Soryo instead and thus luigi was able to have it unopposed. I already called claim to 7virtues though so unless something happens I should be the one covering it instead. Bet luigi will say something negative in the comments about 7sins again though since he can’t resist hating on it. Also I write too much and had to make the font for the final thoughts a 10 instead of normal 12 otherwise it would be way too much text.