Centaur no Nayami: Shameless little mermaids!

I will now proceed to pleasure myself with these fishies.

Hello everyone! Kranesh here reporting once again with yet another entry for Fapservice, looks like Santa came early this year because we finally get a glimpse of even more goodies from the Centaur no Nayami BD’s, this time it features what many of us wanted… uncensored mermaid titties! Was it worth the wait? let’s find out!

For all of you who have no idea or never watched the anime, Centaur no Nayami features monstergirls and each episode covers different aspects of the daily lives of the several species and characters that inhabits the world.

This episode in particular focuses in the mermaids and how some boys of the species consider that covered breasts are hotter than bare breasts because in the mermaid culture, all girls go topless, and the guys are kinda tired of seeing the same things every day.

What I liked most of this whole show was how it showcased the different cultures of the species, mermaids wear barely little clothing, girls prefer going topless and that’s considered natural for them, however in an earlier episode where Hime and her class visited a mermaid school, the female mermaids weared tops out of respect for members of other species not used to nudity.

It’s worth to mention that all female mermaids are big breasted, with the exception of the flatchested horned mermaid which was clearly a mix between a mermaid and a “normal human”… but enough rambling, you guys are here to see some mermaid titties and it’s time to deliver!

All of the following images where found in Nylon’s blog, so check his site for more images!















And that’s the end of this article, hope you guys liked it as much as I did! This is probably going to be my last post of the year and I would like to wish you guys happy holidays! Hopefuly next year we’ll get lots and lots of good ecchi, so stay tunned to the best ecchi site of the internet here at Fapservice!