Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 12


Happy married life ending.


A minute and 19 seconds of extra content in the r18 version for the final episode. There is still service but compared to previous episodes it seems like a step down since there isn’t any sex for this last episode.


Kuga wakes up after the previous episode and sees that everything that happened is real and that Nano did admit her feelings to him earlier. After she wakes up he suggests going to get something to eat but they realize they would run the risk of being seen together and they need to keep things a secret. As a result Nano decids she will cook something instead.

Kuga watches her as she cooks and asks her if she regrets her decision to be with him over her brother and she tells him that she doesn’t and reminds him that she loves him.

Kuga gets a bath ready and asks if she wants to take a bath together but she turns it down since she thinks it is too embarrassing. However after remembering how difficult it is for them to do anything together because they have to keep everything a secret she agrees to it. The next scene has the standard censorship methods in the regular version and uncensored in the r18 one.

In the standard version after this you get this screen..

While in the r18 version you get the next extra scenes instead…

And this ends the r18 scenes and joins both versions back up. Though there is still censorship in the standard version for some of the other scenes after this. Or maybe they just want to show stuffed animals need baths too.

After seeing how Nano reacted to being cleaned Kuga asks if they can have sex again before going to bed and she agrees.

Nano tells Kuga that she is sorry they can’t go out and do things like normal couples because they have to keep their relationship a secret and promises once he graduates they can go out to plenty of places since it will be safe to do so. She also tells him that she will still visit him at home since that is safe and that she also misses him so she wants to see him all the time as well. Kuga asks her if she will finally accept him marrying her and can think of each other as fiancees. She agrees to marrying him and they both vow to make each other happy.

And with that confession and acceptance of marriage the show ends. Wish they would have added one final sex scene here since without one happening in this episode it felt tamer compared to the rest. Plus it would have worked out perfectly to add some extra extended content here in the r18 version compared to the standard one.

Also here is an image the author drew and posted on their twitter for the final episode.



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Story wise this final episode did give a satisfying conclusion since it wrapped up everything the story set up at the beginning. Nano has accepted Kuga and admitted her feelings while also agreeing to marry him which is what the whole plot revolved around. Service wise though for the last episode it was kind of a letdown when you consider what previous episodes offered. For a show like this having no sex in the final episode after it occurred multiple times throughout the story seems very strange especially when you consider once sex has occurred anything else seems tame in comparison. It’s not like they ran out of time either since there have been previous episodes with more extra time allocated to it in the r18 version so they definitely had room to add one in if they wanted.

That final scene at the end would have been the perfect spot as well as they could have had the r18 version continue on for at least a minute afterwards to give us a quick sex scene to end it with them holding each other afterwards. It just feels like if your show has established itself as having sex in it as a main draw then the final thing the show should give viewers as a send off should be the very thing the show is known for. Despite the missed potential to go all out on sex service for the final episode this show is still much better than the other r18 shows we have had so far in every other aspect. Kuga and Nano made for much more interesting characters than Kujo and Mio or Ryou or Shizuka. The story was also handled much better as it showed Kuga and Nano interact together more than the other couples we saw in the other two and made them having feelings for each other believable.

More importantly the romance aspect of Omiai was much better done and felt more genuine than what we got in Souryo or Skirt. Being a short 5 minute show obviously limits how much character development and relationship building we can get but they actually did make good use of the time they were limited to and managed to make some semblance of relationship progress with Nano’s feelings building up as time went on.┬áThe feelings both of the character’s had for each other had a more mutual feeling to them as we saw both character’s were happy to be with each other and we did see this demonstrated in the show. Overall it just seems like there were a lot of cute scenes between Kuga and Nano in this that made their relationship stand out much better than what we received in the others.

As for the service Omiai easily beat out both of the other two without effort. The overall extra time given in the r18 version was certainly far more than what we got in the other shows. Skirt gave a minute each episode while Souryo was random much like Omiai but never reached the length levels that Omiai did. Animation wise Omiai also beat out the others which kind of makes sense when you consider this was Seven’s second time doing one of these shows. I am impressed at how much Seven managed to improve the animation in this compared to Souryo and it will be interesting to see if they get even better should they end up doing another one of these shows later on. Skirt and the upcoming 25sai are done by different studios so can’t really make comparisons there but I will say I think Seven is probably going to be the best when it comes to making these shows which I guess is a given when you consider how much hentai they make.

Even though all 3 of the R18 shows we got this year were mainly aimed at women it is funny how despite that these 3 shows provided some of the best service for 2017. Next year looks to be much better when it comes to ecchi shows so stuff like this probably won’t stand out as much as it did this year which was pretty empty when it came to uncensored shows airing. I am glad shows like this have started to exist though and hopefully we start to see other companies pick up on making r18 shows as well to give us the opportunity to get adaptions of manga that otherwise never would have had a chance. So far I would rank Omiai as the best with Souryo second and Skirt third. Now to move on to 25Sai next season.

This year was pretty much the year of ultimate female lewd shows. Would be really nice if 2018 turned out to be the year of ultimate male lewd shows. Just imagine an r18 anime in which the male character fucks a different female each episode. Plenty of borderline h manga have this different girl each chapter concept and it would easily make such a show one to remember for a long time. I really hope such a thing does happen eventually since it would present us with another unique period in lewd anime much like what these female shows gave us.