Binbougami ga!(Good Luck Girl!) BD Fanservice Review Episodes 12-13

End is here! will Momiji turn back to her normal self?

Episode 12

Not that much service in this final episodes but we get a last bath scene featuring Ichiko and Momiji.

I have to admit this new Momiji is really cute.

Even Kumagai turned into a kawaii version?

So pure xD.

Ichiko still doesn’t trust in Momiji.

Poor Momiji, even Ranmaru got mad with Ichiko.

Bath time for the last time and first Momiji and Ichiko bath together.

Momiji sure is flat, no wonder why Ichiko always makes fun of her.

Both of them look great together.

Momiji tells Ichiko to call her by her name, Ichiko reaction is cute.

Definitely, i prefer this cute version of Momiji.

Tama chan and Kumagai seem to have become good friends too.


Kumagai is back?

Looks like the key to get the old Momiji back is getting her dirty.

Momoo helps Kumagai with the plan.

Cute Momiji says goodbye to Ichiko.

Clearly that license is not fake.

Episode 13

Tama and Ichiko kick!

Escape time.

Ranmaru to the rescue.

Bobby appears just in time!

Nice ass Ichiko has.

I’m Glad to see Momiji and Ichiko being friends.

Goodbye Momo xD

Masochist vs Tomboy, i think Momoo doesn’t really care.

Bobby gives Ichiko an item to increase her physical capabilities.

That’s another good use of the item.

Ichiko wants to distract Kumagai so Momiji can escape.

Tama chan vs Kumagai,  epic battle incoming.

Not fair!

Kumagai then explain Ichiko what happens when a misfortune god takes a bath( they lose their misforunte energy) and doesn’t get dirty again after that.

The old Momiji will disappear and she will be a human forever in 30 minutes.

Ichiko now debates what to do, save the old Momiji or leaving her a human forever?

After some encouragement words from Tsuwabuki she decides what to do.

Too bad we don’t get to see Nadeshiko panties( her butler does), also first appearance of her without being a cameo.

Momiji is cornered by Kumagai, but she wants Ichiko to be happy so she will not return to her normal self.

The wind blows Momiji off the bridge!

Ichiko arrives just in time.

After calling Momiji by her name for the first time (And only one in the anime) Ichiko drops her.

Ichiko dropped her onto the garbage boat on purpose.

Welcome back Momiji!

Their love/hate relationship also returns.

Ichiko remember their forgot about Bobby.

And with that the anime ends, what comes next is a preview for a potential second season that unfortunately never happened.


And with Momiji’s come back the anime ends, too bad we never got a second season even if we got a preview with some new characters that appeared in the manga, i highly recommend to read it if you enjoyed the anime.



Binbogami ga! was really a surprise, didn’t expect to find a lot of character development in a comedy series as well and some nice ecchi scenes along with a really nice artwork and comedy. Almost all the characters are likeable with the Main duo(Ichiko&Momiji) love/hate relationship as the main dish,if you like a comedy with some romantic,ecchi and feels moments dont hesitate to give Binbogami ga! a try.



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