Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 9



Make sure to protect your waifu from NTR attempts.


This episodes has 40 seconds more content in the R18 version. Also this episode is the first time the show has done anime original content as well. The first scene at the beginning of this episode and where all the service for this episode is located is not what the manga contains at this point but instead is anime original content. I suspect there is a reason for this which I will get to later on when we get to a certain other part that had alterations from the manga. As you can guess this original content is replaced in the standard version with a inner monologue scene with Kujo.

This part mainly was Kujo and Yuki talking to themselves about Mio and why they should have her while also providing service for any women watching as the camera pans up both of them shirtless. If you are watching the AT-X or R18 version however the opening scene is instead replaced with the following which has a number of changes between the AT-X and R18 version.

In this part the AT-X version cuts off sooner only panning down the bed a small amount and just as Mio and Kujo come into view it cuts to the next scene. The R18 version however keeps panning down to show them for a few seconds. Afterwards the two versions match up again for the following..

After this the AT-X version skips this next part which is only in the r18 version.

After this short scene we get both versions at this next part.

However this does not last long because after this scene the next part’s are only in the r18 version while AT-X skips them.

After these r18 exclusive scenes finish the two versions join up again but there is still censorship in these next parts as well which I will address.

This part is close to the same in both versions but the at-x version cuts off sooner as the camera is panning out so you don’t see the whole picture in frame before transitioning to the next scene while the r18 version lasts a few seconds longer panning out all the way. The next scenes are the same but with other censorship as well.

This is the same while the next two scenes are censored. I will show at-x then r18 after.

The at-x version uses a wooden fish during the first scene to hide the penetration that can be seen in the r18 version. A funny censorship mistake of sorts afterwards is that the woodfish sort of stays in the exact same spot when the next scene starts up so it sort of covers Mio’s breasts for a second before quickly fading away. My guess is that they didn’t bother to go frame by frame with the censorship and just placed it to last for a set amount of time and this lead to it appearing on the other scene as well which was probably not intended.

What was intended however is that this second scene is censored by having the camera pan start later. In the atx version that second scene starts by showing Mio in Kujo’s lap and the camera slowly panning up but the pan and scene starts by showing slightly above their waists. In the r18 version this scene has the pan start at the bed near their legs and pans up showing more. After this scene is another short r18 version only scene as well.

After this both versions match up again to end it.

This is where both versions end and after this is when all 3 versions join up for pretty much the remainder of the episode with only one rather odd change later on. In the manga after last week’s episode finished the very next scene would be these following parts. However as I said this opening scene was original and was placed in between the scenes ending last week and the start of the story for this week instead.

Mio continues to study about how to do things at the temple since she lives there now.

When walking outside she sees Yuki from school show up and helps her with some of her studies. He also tells her that he used to live there as well before attempting his NTR.

Here is the odd difference between the versions and the only difference left in this episode. In the standard and at-x version we see Mio’s eye staring at Yuki as he tries to kiss her. However in the r18 version the camera pans from right to left showing her whole face and the difference is that a reflection of Yuki is in her eyes but is not present in the other two versions.

Kujo shows up interrupting him before he is able to do anything. It is also revealed at this point that Yuki is Kujo’s younger brother.

After talking with Kujo Mio learns that he doesn’t like his brother.

As she is taking care of the laundry Yuki grabs her and gives her something to help her studies while also making it clear that he doesn’t want his and Kujo’s parents knowing he is there. In other words it’s easy to figure out that he only came back to the temple after learning that Mio is there which would also explain why Kujo was sort of surprised to see him return out of the blue.

In case someone couldn’t figure out that he is the NTR villain of the story yet as he tries to convince Mio to go with him instead.

Never touch another man’s waifu.

And the episode ends here. Remember when I said something was changed from the manga and would also explain the anime original scene at the beginning? That change happens around here. In the manga there are some scenes that occur in the hallway before Kujo shows up that were skipped and altered here for the anime. In the manga Yuki force kisses Mio at this moment while in the anime he is stopped before he can. Also in the manga he does much more stuff to her by lifting up her top after kissing her and sucking her breasts before taking his dick out and getting ready to pretty much rape her and it is at that moment that Kujo shows up and grabs him.

With this scene skipped and not used that meant they had to substitute something else to make up for it otherwise this episode would have no service so they decided to give us a Mio and Kujo scene at the beginning that was not there in the manga. It makes sense why they would change this since I would assume those watching this are doing so for the romance aspect so removing an attempted rape and replacing it with a consensual scene between the two main characters is understandable. Also it’s still easy to label Yuki the villain without that. I suppose it is possible they might make it just a nightmare or something that occurs later but from appearances here it looks like they removed it. This also makes me wonder if some other scenes coming up could also be altered and replaced with original content.


WebM album.


This episode is the end of chapter 3 in the manga and covers a few pages of chapter 4. This leaves the 4th chapter and maybe some of the 5th or possibly all of it if they save themselves some time by skipping some other parts for the final 3 episodes. This episode gave us a very interesting thing though in the form of anime original content presumably to replace another scene that was skipped. This is actually a good thing because this original scene in this episode gave us some stuff in terms of sex positions that we would not otherwise reach in the anime based on the rate they are going covering chapters. There are some other scenes with Yuki upcoming that they may decide to change as well which means hopefully more original content.

Though it has a low chance of happening I would love it if they gave us anime original content of Kujo’s mother since she obviously never gets anything in the manga. Considering this series is supposed to be a romance aimed at women with Mio as the lead I’m guessing that chance is unlikely but a sex scene between Kujo’s mother and father as a random anime original time filler would be nice though it probably won’t happen. Will be interesting to see what other original stuff they give us assuming they give some more for the final 3 episodes.


I am actually glad they removed most of the NTR from this episode. I was hoping they would alter some scenes and I even mentioned it in one of my previous posts in this invisible area as well that I hoped some of the drama stuff would be removed. I am enjoying the show as just a happy show about the relationship between two adults so I certainly have no problem with them giving us more consensual scenes to replace the other stuff.