Blend S TV Fanservice Review Episode 7

Getting lost in a jungle is not an excuse for you to grope oppai !! ( . Y . )

Hi everyone, after the previous episode of going to the beach, the girls are back getting sunburned. 

Well, the case was not very serious for Maika XD

She’s not picking her nose, she’s just shy about getting sunburn. Hence, the manager came up with an idea of making the cafe looked like a jungle. It’s jungle day!!

This is how Kaho and Maika looks and in overall it looks like a cafe served by indigenous people. (^^) And this is Mafuyu !! the little monkey can serve customers too~ Interesting!

Miu is asking for bananas together with Mafuyu. This is what she does with the bananas XD

I thought she would use the banana to masturbate herself, maybe it’s not hard enough for her. XD As for Maika, she’s serving freshly killed chicken instead of grilled chicken to her customers.

Akizuki got lost in the jungle themed cafe, he realized that he groped something.

It seems there’s poison in her boobs, Akizuki touch the manager’s chest too after touching her’s.

The next day, the cafe ran out of strawberries to make desserts. The manager went to buy strawberries together with Maika.

But all strawberries at the nearby market was sold out. So they tried to search the market in another town.

Finally, they manage to found the last pack of strawberries,¬†only to encounter a little girl who was then crying due to Maika’s glare. Fortunately, the little girl and her mother, charmed by Dino, suggested that he should buy that last pack of strawberries.

While on the way back, Maika felf bad about how she glared at the little girl, but Dino comforted her by telling her that everyone loves her sadistic smile. Dino was so happy that he cross dress as Maika in front of the public, only to be arrested by a police officer.

Later on that night, the staff were all exhausted due to a shortage of hands. They suggested to hire another staff member who can do cross dressing.

This is where Hideri Kanzaki fits the bill !!

Thanks for reading everyone ~(^^)~I thought a jungle theme anime could be a lot more hotter like Jungle de Ikou. Stay tuned for the next fanservice review to know more about Hideri Kanzaki!!