The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 3


An angel that does things for research purposes.


This week is Raphael the angel of Temperance. We also get to see that things don’t always end with the guy getting the angel and an idea of a power the angel’s have in case this occurs for them to use leading to a different type of ending compared to the previous episodes.


Raphael is conducting her search for the candidate and unlike the others hasn’t found one yet. She notices a school festival going on and decides to visit it. While there she sees someone selling healthy donuts which gets her interest since she cares about diets.

The guy offers Raphael a free one since she thinks they look good and since he hasn’t sold any at that point he is fine with giving one away. Raphael eats one and likes it enough that she starts to help him advertise them by announcing to everyone how despite being donuts they are healthy and won’t make you fat.

Thanks to Raphael’s help he is able to sell all the donuts at the festival. Raphael tells him he must be good at cooking to make something like that but he tells her he is just training and isn’t that good yet. Raphael tells him she will help him train by first researching a bunch of sweets.

They go to an outside cafe to get ice cream which leads to Raphael’s lewd moments of the episode.

After Raphael takes him to various places trying different desserts they decide to talk about things. He tells her his life dream is to be a chef that makes great desserts and as a result he doesn’t have time for any friends.

As Raphael watches him she sees that he has finally been able to meet and talk with some people whom also have an interest in baking and ask him to join them. He later tells Raphael about how they want him to enter a baking competition with them but he doesn’t know if he can be of any help. Raphael tells him she will help him train so that he will feel confident in entering it with them.

I really hate camera zooms as it makes it impossible to create a perfect loop and leads to me creating two webms with one trying to eliminate as much of the zoom out as possible.

Training montage of Raphael helping him get better at baking. They should had just played the baking level from parappa the rapper repeatedly instead to learn. After training the day of the competition finally arrives.


On the day of the competition he is talking to the others on the phone when Raphael decides to presumably erase his memories of her after she realizes that he has goals and and a future so it wouldn’t be right to make him give that up to take on the role of the Messiah. He continues on towards his destination having completely forgot about Raphael but still keeps the confidence she taught him. So unlike the previous two guys he doesn’t get an angel waifu like they did. Raphael watches as he leaves so she can continue her search for a different candidate and the episode ends.

It’s kind of a good thing this is only 5 minutes since if this had been a full length episode showing more of their interactions and such together the ending would had been more depressing knowing what happens. The lesson that can be learned from this episode though is that it is best to not have goals and plans for the future because by not having them you can get yourself an angel waifu otherwise she will leave you afraid she will interfere in your future if you have plans.


WebM Album.


This episode had more focus on ass service like the previous episode than on nudity so ass fans got two episodes in a row of that. Also the ending wasn’t like the others so I guess maybe not all of them will end up with the angel finding the right person to stay with. Whether this means those who don’t find one will have a second episode focused on them again later who knows. In regards to the order the girls are appearing this episode debunks the possibility of their character introductions from the first episode being it.

However there is still one more order shown that could be the answer as they still are following it. If you think back to the very first pv (not the 2nd) that was shown there were brief clips of the character’s episodes showing the character’s looking at the camera. The order these clips appeared in was Uriel, Raphael, Sandalphon, Metatron, Gabriel, and Sariel. Michael wasn’t shown but if we count her as first and then follow that order it has matched up so far. Also prior to the show airing there was an interview with the voice actors and the one with Sariel looks like it says something about her being in the 7th episode according to machine translation which would match with this order as well. This is the only possible remaining shown order I can think of that they might be following in order for us to predict the characters but it’s just a theory which we will know next week if it is true or not depending on what character is next.

Regardless of the order I think the remaining 4 are the characters that have the most hype for one reason or another. Sandalphon and Gabriel are the characters meant to appeal to those who like smaller girls, Metatron might end up having the most service potential based on that clip of her from the 2nd pv, and Sariel is for those who want the girl with the largest breasts. So the remaining episodes are certainly something to anticipate.

I should make it a gimmick to see how each of these episodes could had turned to porn if rated r18 instead. Raphael discovering that semen is calorie free and won’t make her gain weight would work. Also fucking as a way of exercise since she cares about that could also had been used. Out of all the virtues I would say she is the one that I rank the lowest so I can’t really think of too much for her. The wait for Chastity to arrive continues.