Blood Lad TV Episode 6-10 + OVA Fanservice Review

A Wild Milf Appears

Blood Lad goes story mode in the second half and there’s less media than the previous post as a result. Still some cute shots of Bell, the ghost girl and the introduction of their mysterious hot milf that are worthwhile.

I will never get used to seeing blank boobs. It feels like something is wrong with the universe.

We don’t get much from the cute zombie warden girl unfortunately. She has a great design. In general Blood Lad does well to give its character distinct looks.

Bell asks Staz if he cares more about her or the other ghost girl. The oblivious male protagonist of course says he cares more about the ghost girl by a margin that is not even close. Rage ensues.

Bell’s mom is apparently also ghost girls mom….their moms somehow fuse into the ultimate milf. Not the most bizzare plot contrivance to appear in ecchi.

I completely tuned out of the story and as a result this is the least I’ve written for a review thus far. Guess it doesn’t matter since few read posts anyways. I was disappointed to see the fanservice decline so much despite introducing two new attractive designs into the fold. There were zero gif worthy scenes from the Milf, a tragedy, and scarce movement during the fanservice scenes. But we do at least get to see ghost girl in her underwear a couple times and Bell wear a tight dress that shows off her curves.

A plus of doing batch reviews like this is that I don’t have to dig for scraps of service with a fine tooth comb to justify making a post. Can skip all the repetitive motions and focus only on the impact screencaps. Bound to be enough for at least one post, if not two as was the case here. Doing all eleven episodes on a weekly basis would make me want to put a gun in my mouth, so I do prefer this style of posting for non essential ecchi.

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