Kawakami Masaki Assorted Illustrations Compilation

Can’t keep my dick in my pants, aye. 

At this point I’m willing to take any better hooks that readers have to offer for the beginning line of my articles (unless you’re throwing emoji’s in them, then I don’t want them). I usually can’t come up with good ones.

I want to start by saying that the second gallery has a few illustration including furries, and the third gallery has a handful of futanari, so you’ve been warned.

Funny enough, this was originally going to be a side-bonus for when I made a manga compilation for Demon Lord on The Floor. Regarding that series’ current comp though, I didn’t want to use Noxbasket’s as I wanted to go through the volumes and decide for myself which images to include and remove, plus I personally don’t like seeing the comp have her name attached as the article’s author since she left the site rather abruptly, among other reasons. Although I originally intended for this bonus to only have the DLoTF purchase bonuses as well as the artist’s illustrations (pixiv, FANBOX, etc.), it eventually grew too large for me to want to keep as an add-on, with it now being 400~ files (for reference, the images in manga comps are placed in galleries, with mine being divided by volume). So now here we are with this post. Not something I’m used to doing, honestly.

The artist for this comp is Kawakami Masaki. His notable ecchi works include Demon Lord on The Floor, Ponkotsu Musume no Nichijou, and Futanari Elf (the latter two of which he was also the author of, and started uploading on pixiv, although the first of the two is now also getting officially sold in volumes). He seems fond of drawing females, to the point where the only time you see males in his artwork is usually for his works. He seems to include furry content (which has sometimes bled into his main works when given the occasion) as well as futanari content occasionally, though its small compared to the normal stuff he does. He uses a pixiv, a pixivFANBOX, personal blog, and posts on twitter, so you can find most of his illustrations posted there among other things.

I made a separate article to put his furry stuff, since its not something I’d want to keep in the same article (had to make an exception for the DLoTF+PMnN purchase bonuses though, sorry), as it’s not something I’d want to have on the same page as the more tame stuff. I initially considered grouping it up with the futanari content as well in that same article (although separate galleries for each content), but decided to include the futa stuff here instead, since its practically all from the artist’s FANBOX. With that in mind, I just made in into a FANBOX gallery, and slapped the non-futa stuff into the main illustrations gallery as well for those that don’t want to have to go through a haystack of balls and dicks to find the handful of non-futa stuff.

I was debating not including the FANBOX stuff within the download link given that the FANBOX stuff is paid content, but decided to include it since it’ll just be a small part of what the artist will have in his FANBOX once the stuff builds up over time (assuming he continues making art for it). With that said, please do support the artist by buying his manga or pledging to his FANBOX if you like his works enough. Here’s the link for the stuff if you want it (might have pop-ups).


Demon Lord on The Floor and Ponkotsu Musume no Nichijou Purchase Bonuses (has some furry content)

FANBOX (has moderate futanari content)


My biggest reason for putting so much work on this post is because I grew fond of the artist when reading one of his earlier works, Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta, which had very misleading volume covers considering how the service in the series was far too low overall. Having liked the art and felt starved from how criminally sparse the service was in that, Demon Lord on The Floor was a great breath of fresh air when I’d started it a couple of years back (I didn’t bother with pixiv at the time to realize that mangakas often had pixiv pages to upload their art in, nor did I know about places like the booru sites).

Futanari Elf took it a step further by making the service more intimate between the characters. That, and it focuses on the elves tending to get a boner from their interactions with the human girl, wanting to get in bed with her, or even getting into accidents with her involving their dick. More kinky than what his other works tend to put out. Although admittedly, for me it was a mixed bag (no pun intended) considering that all the elves are futas, the focus of the panels or the service in all of the chapters is on the elves’ dicks (I don’t exactly beat my meat to dicks, so not something I want to be seeing unless its used in some form of intimacy with a feminine body part), and the characters are all feminine. No luck finding if he does any other works with sexual content, but considering how he seems to go for furry or futa stuff (usually the former), its probably not something I want to see.

Needless to say, I didn’t find everything I collected in its ideal quality or format, but I did try combing different areas. His twitter had some noteworthy stuff that wasn’t on pixiv, but I didn’t bother as I grew lazy by then; if someone wants to collect it and share and/or have it added to the article, feel free to ask, though no promises. If anyone has any of the content on here in higher quality, please do share in the comments. I don’t plan on updating this article unless someone has a better quality of one of the pictures on here, as it was a hassle to work on. I don’t plan on making one of these in the future either as having to comb sources like the author’s pixiv, the twitter accounts of the works he did, along with using reverse image search to find certain sites to look for higher quality version, or even looking up keywords to find the purchase bonuses for the works was far more than I’d be willing to do again. I don’t know if I found all of the purchase bonuses within the volumes of the stuff I looked up, as some of that stuff was either promoted less or harder to find pictures of online, so I would be glad if anyone happened to have any bonuses I missed (I excluded the non-sexual ones because I didn’t care to include those, so just to clarify, only share the sexual ones).

I was originally going to release a comp of Demon Lord on The Floor with this, but since the 7th and 8th volumes I nabbed were from the magazine and not the volumes themselves (the latter has censorship in it, so obviously can’t use it), I had to delay that article until I got proper scans of the volumes to use. Won’t be able to work on that too soon though, so don’t hold your breath on that. Might make a manga comp for Futanari Elf as a follow-up to it assuming one of the other writers doesn’t have the same idea, as the service in that is more intimate than DLoTF. I might or might not bother with Ponkotsu Musume no Nichijou though, depending on if I feel up to it.