Boku Girl Manga Fanservice Compilation

Diving headfirst into a trap

Boku Girl (2012) is a gender bender manga about an effeminate boy who is transformed into a girl by the trickster god Loki. Loki is a loli for some reason. Where Boku Girl differs from other bizarre gender bender set ups is in the inclusion of nudity and relatively intense intimacy. Tity sucking, bare ass cupping, hot makeout sessions among other unholy lewd things.

Technically speaking, Mizuki is biologically a girl during the intimacy scenes. So it’s totally guilt free service if you need an excuse to clear your trap enthused conscious.


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You can say “I read a manga full of trap fetishization for the plot” and not be lying in the case of Boku Girl. There’s a solid love story in the middle of all the perversion, accentuated by the sheer likability of the characters and a wholesome theme of finding self acceptance within one’s body. Far more than just fap material you forget about after the horniness subsides. Deserves a full reading if you haven’t already.