Choujin Koukousei TV Fanservice Review: Episode 10

The fanservice of Prodigies continues with more onsen and scene!!  (^^)/

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review of Choujin Koukousei!! First of all, credits to Ares02 for helping with the media. In this episode, the story of the Prodigies continues with Tsukasa coming to the conclusion that the Azure Brigade is hiding something from them and they’re not trustworthy, especially their new leader, Count Conrad.

Before they can move forward with their plans, Keine tells Tsukasa and Ringo to take some time off before they collapse in exhaustion from their overworked schedules. They agree and Tsukasa asks Ringo to accompany him around town to a popular food spot, causing her to believe it’s a date.

Hence, Ringo asks Aoi and Keine for advice on approaching boys, but their experience is limited to their skills and not in romance. As Ringo was helpless about it, Shinobu appears and gives  the best advice when she says to follow a multi-step plan that involves holding hands and indirect kisses. It is important to mention, as I like what Aoi said aim for the balls. XD (I hoped for fanservice in anime can be effective as that too. AIM FOR THE BALLS) XD

And more nudes from Shinobu and Ringo. (^^)b Hopefully we can have nipple sightings in the BD like we’ve seen in the manga.

During the date with Tsukasa, Ringo is able to carry out her plan to hold hands with Tsukasa, until they arrive at the restaurant, foiling the first step. When she switches drinks with Tsukasa to share an indirect kiss, she passes out in embarrassment because it ends up being successful.

In the end, all thanks to”Shinobu’s fanservice” XD, the date was successful with Ringo awakens from her dream on Tsukasa’s lap and happily states that it’s thanks to him that she’s where she is today. After that, she was given an important task by Tsukasa in order to protect this town.

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode of Choujin Koukousei anime and we hoped everyone is enjoying the fanservice of this anime too!! Hopefully the fanservice in the BD could be just as good as it is in the manga. Lastly, thanks for reading everyone and please stay tuned for the following fanservice review of this anime!! Adios!!  (^^)v

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