Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Season 2 Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Less excessive violence. More T&A

The fanservice in season 1 was constantly undercut by murder, toilet humor and occasional vomiting. That still happens in season 2, but far less so while placing more emphasis on the sex appeal of the female designs.

This is Dokuro’s sister. She is nine years old. That is not a typo.

Not as cute as the transformation sequence in season one, but it gets the job done anyway. The next section is the highlight of the episode. There is porn music playing in the background of the entire scene. I laughed pretty hard.

It’s easier to forgive a homicidal maniac if she’s a hottie wearing a swimsuit.

9 years old btw. Zakuro is pretty much the catalyst for Dokuro S2’s upgrade in service. She received nothing in the first season, now a star in the second.

Probably not a coincidence for that bottle to be shaped like a dildo.

Yes, ram horned girl is humping a window seal. No, I don’t know where to even begin explaining this scene. Dokuro-chan is often beyond comprehension; best experienced rather than analyzed.

This episode has better service than all of season one combined. For once I actually envied Sakura for being in the middle of two sexy angels even with the caveat of being killed every other second. There is one more OVA episode of Dokuro chan left, not as good as this one but still worth covering at some point in the future.

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