Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 10 Fanservice Review

Jet Girls chooses a beach episode to not show nudity for the first time all season.

Jet Girls does not take advantage of the beach environment to be as lewd as possible, par the course for most ecchi anime. It instead decides to be tamer than any episode has been thus far by having zero shots of nudity. There is still a ton of produced media from the episode by virtue of every other shot being of someone in a bathing suit, but if you were hoping for service along the lines of episode eight you’re probably walking away disappointed.

Episode ten begins with Team Kandagawa in need of money to upgrade their Jet bikes for competition. They first plead to student council president to increase their club budget.

Student council president tells them to win competitions before begging for budget increases. Losers don’t get paid, winners do. Sick burn. The girls are then left with no choice but to work part time jobs to earn money.

Misa has only ever worn jeans, sweats and cargo pants outdoors, so seeing her wear this hyper feminine outfit against her preferences is rather adorable. Jet Girls may have missed an opportunity here to make the uniforms skimpier than just a school outfit. Like a bunny outfit. But that could just be my raging inner degenerate speaking.

This is typically the moment that nudity would be shown in Jet Girls. Why they decided to forgo this in episode ten, who knows.

The girls wind up making 180,000 yen combined, which is roughly 1800 dollars in US currency. They are still short 200 dollars to purchase the new bike.

Fortunately Jennifer and Emily offer them a summer job, triggering the patterned ecchi beach episode.



Jennifer’s super hot aunt – potentially a MILF – receives zero speaking lines and zero service. Probably a one off appearance.

There is a periodic issue with inconsistent artwork in Jet Girls. Here Jennifer looks like she got a boob reduction where in most other shots her tits can barely be constrained by clothing. Emily’s S-tier ass gets the same treatment later.

Here the best ass in the show is as flat as cardboard. It’s disturbing to look at.

All of the attention to detail was saved for the panning shots it seems. Some really great stitches were produced from this episode.

These two have finally left the gym. I believe this is the first time we’ve seen them in swimsuits and they do not disappoint.

they do not appear again for the rest of the episode. The next scene involves a volleyball tournament for 100,000 yen; they are the only pairing at the beach to not participate. A missed opportunity to see chubby waifu’s Z cup tits in action. I’m more than a little butthurt that the girl with the biggest rack by a mile is receiving some of the least service of the main cast. A million and one things you can do with those for service and none of them are being utilized yet.

The pairings that do participate in the competition all turn into try hards to win. Jet Girls basically turns into Harukana Receive.

The final match is halted by the idol twins manager dragging them away. She’s hot. But as per usual with side characters in Jet Girls, her appearance is very brief and not detailed. Team Kandagawa then wins by default. They still have only won a single competition by legitimate means in this entire show, but at least now they have the money to upgrade their racing equipment. Would be funny if they still lost competitions after all of this effort.

Next Episode Preview:

Looks like we’re getting the shrine maidens again next episode. Another opportunity to see them nude. There is no racing in this preview, which raises a concern for what the final episode will be in two weeks. Ideally it involves every pairing in a hot tub together a la episode eight. But in the worst case scenario the finale is filled with races that no one really gives a fuck about if at the sacrifice of service. Hopefully Jet Girls does the right thing and forgets that Jet Racing is even a part of this show – far too late to salvage the concept at this point, only focusing on what the viewers want to see most. Nudity, fondling, yuri teasing, stripping action.

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