Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Fanservice Review Episode 8

A beach episode?! …No, not really.

In the previous episode, the MC defeated Satori, and afterwards willingly destroyed the original file of the defamatory photo with him and Satori, in order to teach her that he cared more about the fact that she made Rin tear up than the fact that Rin and Mary’s esteem towards him was deceitfully ruined by Satori. Outside of the bath, Warabi defeats Satori’s underling. 

In this episode, the MC, Satori, and the dorm mother are paid a surprise visit by the dorm mother and Tsukuyo, one of the members of the Five Supreme Swords. Afterwards, the MC and Rin share a special moment that deepens their bond. Meanwhile, Warabi finds herself in an unexpected predicament. And no, this is not a beach episode.

In terms of fanservice, this episode squeezes out a bit more service from last episode’s scenario, with our shameless exhibitionist (only for the purposes of gaining an  advantage in battle against the MC) Satori taking the front stage in the first couple of minutes. Afterwards, Warabi imagines a scene of her at the beach with her subordinates while trying to resist the need to use the restroom. Poor Warabi (though I’m grateful for how cute she seemed while trying to resist. She looks so adorable with her hair undone). The last significant bit is when the other masochistic pervert with her head in the gutter, Mary, strips to her underwear to receive punishment from the MC (we know she really just wants the MC to enact her fantasies and practically take away her almost nonexistent purity). Aside from that, there’s some minor fanservice scattered throughout the episode. Enjoy.

Episode 8 (credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

A key indicator that she’s one of the few girls worthy of the MC. I mean, I like most of the girls in the Five Swords (aside from Mary, whose character doesn’t really stand out enough for me to like her, and Tsukuyo, who literally made a more important appearance this episode, and aside from that, hasn’t shown any traits or even taken any actions that would me like her), but that’s just bold. She now comes among the top three girls I’d ship with the MC, along with Warabi, and Kirukiru (the Empress). Following behind the three of them is Rin. 

Spoiler alert: They don’t kiss. He just takes off her mask.

In that regard, I wouldn’t mind having another bath episode.

Poor Rin. Her mom grew resentful of Rin after her father left both of them (he committed infidelity). Afterwards, her mom made her wear a mask because she couldn’t stand looking at Rin’s face, possibly because it bore some resemblance to his father’s face. Wonder if he was one of those guys with feminine features; he probably became an uke and committed adultery with another male as the seme. 

The meaning behind this cap will be explored in the webms below. I just wish the show would get a beach episode. I wouldn’t mind that. Maybe it will in the specials? I hope so.

Episode 8 stitches (credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

Episode 8 WebMs:


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Blah… blah… blah… stuff happens… blah… blah.. blah… MC gets 4 out of 5 stamps. ‘Nuff said. ‘Till next time! I love posting big-ass articles and having Luigi shy away from them knowing full well that his computer or internet connection can’t guzzle down all of the files in them.