Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 8


Wouldn’t be complete without a NTR attempt.


Only 28 seconds of extra content this time and not a whole lot of service either making this probably the weakest episode so far when it comes to service.


Souichirou sees Nano as she is heading home from work and decides to talk to her and invite her to a bar to talk.

Souichirou asks her what is wrong since he can tell something isn’t right with how she is acting. She mentions how she saw Kuga and another girl hugging at the end of the previous episode but discovered it was just the girl taking his measurements for his clothes for the cultural festival (I was right with my prediction last week). After this though she has started to think how she might be holding Kuga back by being in a relationship with him and she doesn’t want his options for things to do in life to be limited because of her.

Souichirou tells her that if he had shown up for the marriage interview as originally planned she wouldn’t have these doubts or worries that she is having right now. He then shows her a picture of the first person he ever loved and Nano sees it is a picture of them as kids which she doesn’t remember. Souichirou tells her that they met once before when they were children and as a result he was happy about seeing her again at the marriage interview but since Kuga had feelings for her he had to give her up to him.

I assume you are not supposed to think too much on this but it is hilarious how messed up this really is when you really think about it. Based on how old they look in that picture compared to their age now that picture had to have been taken over 15 years ago at least. Nano doesn’t remember it because she is normal and not batshit crazy like someone would have to be in order to remember such a thing. Think about it this way. Souichirou met a girl just one time over 15 years ago when they were kids and probably only for a few hours and yet held onto a picture of her for over those 15 years. Not only that but he apparently had that picture of a girl  (that again he met only once 15 years ago) on him that he could easily whip it out on a moment’s notice. Remember the first time we saw the picture was in a previous episode when he was looking at it in a car so it’s not like he just recently dug it out of storage and even if he did a significant amount of time stoywise has passed since that episode so why does he still have it.

Who does that? Seriously, who the fuck does this? If you were talking to someone and they said “hey you don’t remember this but 15 years ago we met for a few hours as kids and I have kept this picture of that time on me that I kept safe for those 15 years because I fell in love with you back then” you would be hauling ass in the opposite direction. Not only that but Souichirou is a decent looking guy so we are supposed to assume I guess in all this time he never found someone else or never had a relationship last long enough to make him forget Nano (whom again he knew for only a few hours as a kid) that he just continued to obsess over the girl he met just one time as a child. I don’t know maybe they meant for this to be cute or something but I highly doubt many people would be flattered to find out someone they met once in their life kept a picture of their meeting on them for an insane amount of years.

Souichirou tells her that he would be willing to take her from Kuga if she wants so she doesn’t have to deal with her concerns she has anymore. He then asks her if she really does love Kuga which she tells him that she does (Don’t blame her considering the alternative is a guy that keeps 15+ year old pictures of you on the ready). He then tries to play the whole thing off as a joke after being rejected. Before falling asleep Nano thinks about how Kuga would respond when she finally tells him that she loves him.

Missing some frames of animation there it looks like.

Souichirou drives Nano home and tries to wake her up only for her in her drunken half sleep state to grab onto him thinking he is Kuga. Souichirou decides to remove his glasses and pretend he is Kuga to see how far he can go (For someone who probably has pictures of her plastered all over his wall it’s not like this would be a surprising action). At this point is when the standard version switches to the following image…

While the r18 version gives these extra scenes.

His left hand on her breast was drawn so oddly that it didn’t look like it was attached to his arm. I thought Thing from the adams family had entered the anime to join in the drunk groping but no it is just oddly drawn. Here is where the extra scenes end and both versions join up.

While he is in the middle of doing stuff to her she slightly wakes up in her drunk state still thinking he is Kuga and telling him how much she loves him. Hearing her saying this makes him realize how much she loves Kuga and probably the realization that he himself has now taken on the role of main villain. As a result he stops doing what he was doing to her and drops her off home regretting what he just tried to do.

The next day at school Nano has no memory of what happened the night before other than that she passed out and needed Souichirou to drive her home. She also confuses her memories of what he did to her with dreams she thinks she had about Kuga. When she meets up with Kuga he tells her he has decided to do the cultural festival like she wanted after she said how good he would look as a waiter. He asks her to dress up like a maid for it as well which she refuses and the episode ends.


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This episode had the lowest amount of service so far which I suppose makes sense because of th situation in this episode. When a show like this doesn’t have both leads have much screen time together in an episode it makes sense that the service for the episode would suffer since they are kind of limited on what they can do with it unless they want to piss off the audience. Interestingly Seven took a different approach with this episode compared to what they did with Souryo when this same kind of thing happened. In Souryo they removed the scenes of the brother doing stuff to Mio and instead replace the time that could have been spent on that with some original content featuring Kujo and Mio. They didn’t take that approach here and actually allowed Souichirou to do stuff to Nano instead of say doing what Souryo did and replace it.

I wish they had taken the Souryo method here though since it would have at least lead to better service in the episode. They could had cut the part in the car with Souichirou doing things to Nano and instead replaced it with the dream Nano though she had about Kuga. That would still have worked for the story as well as it could simply had played out by having Souichirou driving the passed out Nano home and then hearing her say Kuga’s name in her sleep. We the audience would then get to see the dream sequence that she is having about Kuga and when it ends and switches back to reality she would be muttering that she loves Kuga while asleep and Souichirou hears it. This would still succeed in the same plot point of Souichirou coming to terms with Nano loving Kuga instead of him and we would have got better service in the process as a result. Regardless we can assume next week will go back to normal with more of a focus on Kuga and Nano again with hopefully more service than this episode.

If they were going to make Kuga’s brother a weirdo that keeps old pictures they should have went all out to make it full on comedic. He should have had a wilted dead flower that she gave him all the time ago still with him. Then he should have showed her the dress she wore that day and how he made sure to collect it when her family finally threw it away after it no longer fit. Then to make things complete he should have showed her the panties she wore that day and how he made special care to collect and preserve them. He then could have ended it by saying “you need a hug pillow to sleep just like me as I have one perfectly designed to your appearance that I put these panties on and hug every night” Would have been great to see someone go full retard obsessive.