Campione! Fanservice Review Episodes 03-05

A bath scene, Godou & Erica vs Athena and a new Campione starts making his move in these bunch of episodes.

Character Info

New characters introduced in these episodes:

Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom. She is in her incomplete form (basically it is a loli form) and searches from the Gorgoneion to grown again. Voiced by Yui Ogura.

Liliana Kranjčar: Erica’s rival and a member of the “Bronze black cross” a Italian  magic organization that competes with Erica’s one. She is also a Great Knight. Voiced by Kitamura Eri.


Episode 03

Mariya is jealous of Erica being so clingy.

Not surprised that Erica is popular in the school.

Mariya wants to talk with Godou becasue she sensed a God is coming…. only to see that he has the Gorgoneion for some reason.

Blushed and angry Mariya is cute!

Athena appears looking for the Gorgoneion and Godou.

That was fast, nice way to kill someone tho

Nice kiss! tongue included.👌

Godou died..but he will revive in some hours, meanwhile Erica comes to the rescue.

Best first view after waking up!

No one can resist a face like that.😍

Erica kisses Godou to give him the information about Athena (It is the fastest way since she uses a spell called “Words of power” to tell lots of info in just seconds).

That is the best part…just enjoy!

Good to know. I want those Words of Power in my mouth too.😉


Episode 04

Episode starts with Mariya going with the Gorgoneion to a temple to seal it.

Erica doesn’t miss the chance to  get closer to Godou….

Unfortunately they are interrupted by a call from Mariya telling them Athena is closer.

While going to Mariya place, she tells Godou that he can have more girls…but she will always be number one!

Liliana comes to the rescue but she cant prevent Athena to get the Gorgoneion.

Not bad but loli form was cuter!

More “Words of Power” are always welcome.

Nice legs!

With some help from Erica, Athena is defeated and she returns to her loli form.

Godou forgives her and she left saying she will not forget his name.

Episode 05

Looks like Erica likes to sleep naked…not complaining.

It is just lingerie, it doesn’t bite, you know?

Erica is gorgeous.😍

As a curiosity, below is the TV version,  one of those times i think it looks better than the Blu-ray one.

When you think he can’t be more beta he does that. 😒

Mariya’s sister is really cute too!

Someone is jealous i think.

She’s good at baseball too definitely my type of girl.

Yuri wants to prove herself too..this is gonna end bad i bet.

As expected.

Erica tells Godou she should go with Mariya and buy a cell phone so they can contact her fast if any god appears.

So cute!

Liliana watch them from above….

After many tries Mariya finally adds Godou’s number by herself!

That doesn’t sound good, you know?

A new Campione, looks like he’s Godou friend..or something like that.

So much light 😭 Still, nice body Mariya has.

Liliana suddenly appears, nice butt from Mariya!

Liliana captured Mariya following the orders of someone, what he wants from her?



Athena introduction and battle was nice and looks like Godou gained a powerful ally for next battles. Some really good kisses happened too and Erica and Mariya filled the service fee.


Album links: 03, 04, 05