Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. BD Fanservice Review Episodes 07 – 08

Let’s not forgot that asses are glorious too…


For more information on this anime, please see Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. BD Fanservice Review Episodes 01 – 02

Episode 07

[Editor’s note:  Almost all of the episode comments are from SonanGremory.]

Episode start with Lisara, Quele and Ryosuke going to Grimwald to rescue Mina, nice panty shots during the whole scene!

After a fight with some monsters Quele is injured while protecting MC-kun and Iria comes to the rescue.

Nice imagination Ryosuke has, nice butts!

Middle one is Lisara’s mom, Almeia. Now i see from where Lisara’s beauty comes from.

Almeia has bigger boobs than her daughter but she does not have Lisara’s gorgeous red hair.

The maids start healing Ryosuke injuries in a very peculiar way.

I wonder what thing those tongues have to heal injuries?

Too bad we never get to see Quele nipples in the show since she is such a cutie.

Lisara asks Quele to help Ryosuke recover, who can say no to dat face (and body.) 😋

Quele plan to recover Ryosuke ero power is to offer her first time to him. XD

Episode 08

First kiss of the series incoming?

Nope, beta MC gets away…for now.

I guess Quele was jealous of the maids.

Finally a kiss! even if it was stolen…

Sadly no nipples for Quele. 😭

Mina tries to escape from the tower she’s imprisoned in, realistic skirt physics FTW.

Lisara falls into a trap that Iria prepared following the orders of her company.

Ryosuke tries to go help Lisara but Almeia stops him.

Poor Lisara.😥

Thanks to help from Quele, Ryosuke finally manages to escape from Almeia and her maids.

Iria decides to come back and help Lisara after all!

Iria stays there so Lisara can escape.  Nice boob bounce.


Not finding  a lot of omake for Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.  Surprising…

A tip of the cap to Chaotic Thinker for helping us find more omake.


Tall and slender and redhead and tsundere and unintentionally sexy.  Lethal combination.  No wonder she’s called a Grim Reaper.  😉

Good to see asses getting some love too…

Putting together snapshots and stitches and webms for these fanservice reviews has been interesting.  So much good stuff that it’s all too easy to miss something…

It’s really nice to see Boku H get the TLC it deserves.  I really like seeing stitches and webms.  I don;t remember seeing too many of those before.  Heck, I don’t even remember seeing end cards before and those are pretty nice too…

The random girls really are good looking in this anime.

I remember watching this show as it aired.  Even with going overboard with censorship, it was still a fun show for ecchi fans and it seemed it would be even better on BD.  And even the AT-X version was censored just not to the ridiculous levels of the TV show.  And Boku H was much better on BD.  It also seemed to be an under-the-radar kind of show.  Or maybe it wasn’t liked very much by bloggers and mainstream fans.  HD + HQ stitches and video clips were few and far in between.  That’s why it’s nice to this anime finally getting some of the attention it deserves…

That was a fun trip down memory lane.  I really need to watch this show again.

With a good amount of nudity with nipples too.  Even if Quele got shortchanged in the process…  🙁

Not a perfect show but I will save those comments for a later review.  But an ecchi anime with a good helping of nudity with nipples and a flaming openly perverted boy as the mc-kun who uses his overflowing powers of perversion to power-up a hot redheaded demon girl with model-like looks and a less than model personality.  Which makes Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. (So, I Can`t Play H!) a show ecchi fans should check out if they haven’t already.  And a show that ecchi fans (like me) might want to watch again…


All of Sonan Gremory’s HD image stitches and HD snapshots were included in this review.

All of Sonan Gremory’s HD WebMs were included were included.   For downloading, you can find his albums here:  07 & 08.