Very few changes of interest in Rail Wars volume one

Rail Wars! vol.01 BD changes (1)

There might have been thirty or forty redraw changes in this volume, but only one of them added to the fanservice level.

The Crunchyroll version is on the left, the BD version is on the right.  Keep in mind that these pictures only represent about 10% of the disc changes from this volume, but most were too minor to be worth showing.

Rail Wars! vol.01 BD changes (2) Rail Wars! vol.01 BD changes (3) Rail Wars! vol.01 BD changes (4)

Mostly, the changes in this volume focused on improving the artwork, zooming in on a characters face a little more, or having a character look a slightly different direction… super minor stuff that speaks to BD perfectionism but not so much to service potential.

There was only one change that added fanservice, and that was the pantyshot change in the first comparison picture.  And even that’s kind of a minor change considering that just a few seconds later there is an extreme closeup pantyshot (very top image) that was already present in the crunchyroll broadcast.

The BD did not come with any notable extras.  No mini-OVA specials, no added scenes, nothing fun like that.

Something to keep in mind, these first two episodes had very little fanservice going on in the first place and the nudity potential was always close to zero.  The massive number of minor changes (roughly one minor change per minute) definitely makes me feel optimistic about some of the more scandalous scenes to come in future volumes.  You know they won’t hold back out of laziness, that’s for sure.