Ranma 1/2 project delayed


Some site news.

It turns out I made a faulty assumption.  Ranma 1/2 has been released over three BD boxes.  The first two boxes each contained six disks, so when the third and final box came out with six discs online I figured it was time to get started.  Well as it turns out, the last BD Box actually contains nine disks, and the last three haven’t been ripped yet.

So basically, I’m going to have to wait for that last BD box to release, and at the rate raw provider [Kagura] is releasing them, it’s looking like a November or December release date for the last trio of discs.

That’s okay, because in the meantime there are dozens of other videos I could be working on.  Strike the Blood, Pokaan, Dragonar vol.3 whenever it comes out, Brynhildr later this month, etc.  In no particular order.

The caveat is this, I need a lot of free hard drive space to make videos, and the only way I can free up that space for a new project would be to complete the Ranma project through the first 18 discs and then delete the raws after I’m done.  I’ve charted the first 108 episodes and edited the first 54, so I’m still probably a couple weeks away from that point.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only issue I discovered yesterday.  I’m also having some significant computer problems that will require starting over from scratch with a reformat.  It could take a several days to fix.  I’ll go ahead and queue up a couple of manga FC’s for the next couple days, but if for some reason I disappear for the better part of a week, the reason is because of computer maintenance.