Choujin Koukousei TV Fanservice Review: Episode 12 (FINAL)

While the grass is always greener on the other side, the boobs are just as big in other countries!! XD 

Hi everyone, welcome back to the last episode of fanservice review for the Choujin Koukousei anime!! First of all, credits to Ares02 for helping with the media. (^_^) In this episode, the story continues with Tanganika is revealed to be Gustav in disguise and kills Conrad for smashing his golden statue. He then turns his attention to Jeanne and Shinobi and attacks them, who he knew were hiding in the same room. As the 2 of them escape, all the guards in the castle was engulfed in Gustav’s flames.

As Gustav was showing off his new powers, he was suddenly blown up by Ringo’s newly built ballistic missile. The sight of the blast is seen from Dormundt, where the Prodigies contemplate the use of the weapon. Ringo comforts Tsukasa, who believes he will be hated for using such destructive means to negotiate diplomacy with the other nations. (Although it seems like some kinda confession XD)

The next day, the Prodigies gave a speech to their citizens, where Tsukasa reveals that they are now one nation, known as the Elm Republic, and the citizens must defend themselves as a republic, not under a dictatorship. While giving the speech, a pillar of fire suddenly appears, revealing Gustav, who then transforms into a demon and start to attack the Prodigies.

Unfortunately, Shinobu and Aoi was defeated while trying to dispatch him. Gustav leaps toward Tsukasa, who pulls out a handgun and destroys the gem as the demon reaches him. As he dies, Gustav warns Tsukasa of the trials ahead of him and boasts that the Prodigies will never succeed. Elsewhere, a trio from the Yamato Empire and General Neuro observe the events in Dormundt with the latter proposing that the Seven-Light Faith may be an obstacle for him.

The next day, Tsukasa, believing himself to be inferior to the abilities of the other Prodigies, contemplates Gustav’s warning. He is greeted by the other Prodigies, who have developed a biodegradable container to sell mayonnaise, and rejoice the defeat of Gustav and the birth of the Elm Republic with the townsfolk. (After all, why worry so much as there will be even more fanservice ahead XD)

And now, let’s have a look at the ratings for this anime!! (^^)/ Since ScissorsMe Timbers and Ares02 helped out with the media for this anime, their opinions were also included in this review.

Opinions from ScissorsMe Timbers:

This anime can be defined as a Theater of the absurd. A form of drama that emphasizes the absurdity of human existence by employing disjointed, repetitious, and meaningless dialogue, purposeless and confusing situations, and plots that lack realistic or logical development. Didn’t finish as strong as it started, but worth watching for the hot girls in sexy outfits and sexy situations.

Opinions from Ares02:

Opening and ending were fancy but not really good from the musical side, so I didn’t really liked them. Character development is almost non-existent. All the seven main characters are at episode 12 more or less the same that they were at episode 1. We got a 2-minutes moral quandary for the politic guy in the last episode and a 40 seconds “go over your limits” of the magic kid when he sees blood, but that’s it. It’s a story where characters don’t need to change and learn, because they are already all-powerful.

The story jumps the shark in the middle of the series, going from your average isekai fantasy theme to a weird Civilization playthrough’s revisitation. While the first part is more or less what you would expect from an isekai (and with some nice fanservice too), this tend to get dismissed when the theme changes. We get less and less real action (which falls 90% of the time on ninja-gal) and more talking of politic guy that tries to give a sense to all that mess. We still get fanservice, but seems like they put it there just to divide one long speech from the next.

The fanservice in quite good, instead, with lot of interesting shots and doesn’t stay focused only on a single girl. Furthermore, it is made with a good graphic quality makes the show even more interesting. The fanservice and some fun characters raise the value of the series, but they can’t really save it, even more since the show ends without a real ending but with a cliffhanger that seems to appeal to some far-future 2nd season. Will probably re-watch it in some years.

Ratings (On a scale of 10 to 0) 

Opening/Ending: 10 Catchy opening and the ending song was nice. (^^)b Both of the song are good but still liked the ending song better than the opening. Most probably because the ending theme match the song very well. XD

Character Development: 8 In contrast to the masterpiece anime Rakudai Kishi no Calvary, this anime is miles behind of it but it was still an interesting story where it talks about how the main characters there used their modern knowledge to start a revolution in the isekai world of medieval times. As for how the main character can elected as a president of Japan despite being a high school student and some exaggerated talent from the other prodigies such as a journalist with great ninja skills or an inventor who could create anything out of nothing and even a samurai who could ride a missile, we really need to remind ourselves that realistic things does not apply in anime. As ridiculous as it may seemed, this is anime where the impossible is not impossible but a better character development could help a lot in making the character development of this anime better.

On a positive note, this anime really provide a lot of interesting characters for fanservice and they really make good use of those characters to provide fanservice consistently in every episode. Hopefully more interesting characters can be introduced in the series for more fanservice. In my opinion, the character development could be even better if the main character is capable of using his talents to build a large harem around him from the interesting fanservice characters that was introduced so that we could see more frequent mouth to mouth action and something we frequently seen in the anime like Shinmai Maou no Testament and Masou Gakuen HxH.  Hence,it was disappointing to see that the main character did not utilize his talents “EFFECTIVELY” !! XD

Fantasy: 8 This isekai theme anime was pretty interesting compared to many of the conventional isekai theme anime where most of the main characters keeps getting more are more powerful to defeat the demon lords. It was interesting because we don’t get many anime that talks about revolution that turns a medieval world into a democratic world and fighting tyrants and torturers to save the world from destruction. If it was written well enough, this anime could be just as good as Magi in terms of fantasy, just that Magi is not an isekai themed anime and Choyoyu is not comparable to it. The anime can be dramatic at times but there’s always a breather for us to enjoy the fanservice which is alot better that Magi. XD

Illustrations: 10 Great visual with colorful illustrations and very well animated fighting scene. Despite not being in the same level like Ufotable in their works in Kimetsu no Yaiba,  but we did get to see some flashes of stylish fighting scene when Aoi, the powerful samurai is using her Breath of Oppai. XD Studio Project No.9 seriously puts a lot of heart into this anime with everything they got. XD Hopefully the studio can keep up with the good improvement.

Fanservice: 9 For a non ecchi anime, the fanserice of this anime is actually very good. In terms of quantity, the fanservice is comparable to Kandagawa Jet Girls which airs on the same season but their quality is much better. Unfortunately, both anime had their inconsistencies in their fanservice such as inconsistent bust size and visibility of nipple bumps. Normally, we would have expected more from Jet Girls because it was seens as a ecchi anime. As for Choyoyu, the amount of fanservice is pretty surprisingly good and the producers really did a good job for including the fanservice we wanted in the story. (^^)b The ratings for the fanservice could be higher depending on the BD.

Overall: 9 In overall, Choyoyu was a nice anime and a soild 9!! Depending on the audience as not everyone would enjoy this anime but it was recommended for its beautiful illustrations and fanservice!! Personally, I hoped for a better story and character development if there was a season 2 with the male mc utilizing more of his talents to provide even more fanservice for us.

That’s all for the fanservice review of this anime and we hoped that you all are enjoying this anime too. Thanks for reading everyone and let’s all pray for a better season 2 with even more fanservice from before. Till then, adios!! (^_^)v