Overflow fanservice review episode 3


Showing your sister your dick.


So it looks like the show is going to end up being guilty of what the others were guilty of and start skipping scenes. Instead of the Kotone titjob scene we should had gotten next they skipped it so we could reach Ayane’s sex scene faster. Fortunately the one positive to this is that we are closer to Kotone’s next sex scene as a result and the next episode pv indicates that should be next week.


Kazushi is thinking about what happened the night before with Ayane in the previous episode and how he will explain things. When he gets home he sees that Ayane has already gotten there early as she asks why he did those things the night before. Not wanting to tell her the truth about how he thought she was Kotone he says he is sorry instead as Ayane tells him she isn’t mad since that was also the first time he called her cute in a long while as they head inside.

Once inside Kazushi tells her he was lonely and was was worried she might be changing from the girl he used to know when she was younger to something else till she called him by the name she used to when younger and that he is sorry for doing that last night. Ayane then sees his dick is hard and asks if he wants to continue with where they left off last night.

Who thinks to themselves “I’m about to fuck this girl let me think back on the times she was a little girl right before I put my dick in”?

At this point is when the standard version cuts away to another all ages version image. This week it is this..

I get the feeling these images each week will have me wishing these were the scenarios for the show instead of what we have. Meanwhile in the r18 version you get the following..

Kazushi asks her if they can fuck now and she agrees.

After finishing up Ayane tries to tell him something but then decides not to. Kazushi then wonders what it is she wanted to say as he mentions how after that day she would start ignoring and avoiding him as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



This week was much better than last week’s episode since we got Ayane’s sex scene this week but at what cost? A shame they skipped the scene with Kotone outside the school as I don’t think I remember us ever getting an actual titjob dedicated episode in these r18 shows so far yet. There is always the chance they will have it play out later but I’m kind of doubting that because of the order of events that take place after. Skipping content worries me though as it makes me wonder what they might decide to remove next.┬áThen again the company probably had to skip it so they could use that extra time sending out false copyright strikes to twitter accounts and kill our site’s twitter just for posting reviews because they are ran by fucking retards. Regardless as long as it’s an Ayane scene they skip next to keep it fair it won’t be too much of a concern as long as they balance it out between the two girls on skips. One thing that really makes me curious though is how they will fill the time without these scenes now.

I had a general idea on what the episodes would cover based on where the perfect place to end the show in the manga was but now that they are skipping stuff they will easily reach past the part I suspected to be the ending. So I’m wondering if we could get original content later on or if they will just start adapting some later chapters past 18. Next week based on the pv image shows Kotone and based on the title it sounds like it will indeed be the drunk Kotone scene next so that is good as that is the chapter I really didn’t want them skipping. After that we will probably have the locker room scene with Ayane and the classroom scene with Kotone assuming they don’t skip those for the two episodes after that. If that is the current plan that will leave two more episodes for them to use for either original content or later chapters.

Will be surprising if they actually are doing this skipping so they can have some room to bring in the 3rd girl which would be odd considering the first screen of each episode always tell you it is a story about the three of them and not a fourth thrown in. Who knows maybe they really are trying to create an opening to bring the 3rd girl in for the final episode to get people to read the manga to see more. We will be halfway done next week so only 4 episodes left after that for them to fit her in if they do and the next episode pv should give an idea on if the Ayane and Kotone scenes at the sports festival thing are next after that or not.

Will I rage next week because of them fucking up Kotone’s scene? They better not do the thing I complained about in the first episode of monster girl reviewers when it comes to angles during sex parts. Also I really should get around to doing my hentai schedule post before people ask. Even though nothing comes out till the last day of the month.