Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 2


Getting distracted by the secret cow level.


This episode covers the fairy brothel and the cowgirl brothel chapters. Not only do we get nudity here that wasn’t in the manga including nudity of Aloe but the cow part gives a lot more than what the manga had as well. So if you are into small girls or massive lactating breasts that is what this episode is focused on.


Stunk and Zel are talking about what is most important when it comes to dick size when Crim comes by and they decide to invite him to go with them to another brothel again. He tells them he doesn’t have enough money till Stunk remembers he forgot to give him his share of the review money which Crim realizes is enough that he could go to the brothel everyday with that kind of payment. Stunk and Zel point out that the reviews actually sell better when Crim is included as it results in female customers buying them so they want Crim with them so his reviews can help get them more sales.

After seeing some fairies at the bar making a lot of noise they decide they will go to a fairy brothel next.


On the way to the fairy brothel it is mentioned that Stunk actually comes from a ri family but when he was thrown out he went off to become a famous adventurer around town instead. They eventually get to the fairy brothel and after meeting Aloe at the counter she makes them pay a membership fee and then asks to measure their dicks since the fairies can only handle certain sizes and they need to determine who they can select.

In order to measure Stunk’s dick size correctly she needs him hard but since he can’t get hard with everyone there she takes her top off to get him ready. In the manga she was covered by hair so we actually get nudity here of her which we didn’t get in the manga. Considering she placed 1st on the popularity poll the manga did in japan it was almost a given why they would ensure we got nudity of her here. Plus it’s why she gets a figure with the le version of the BD due to her ranking.

I’m not going to include the service of her as very few people are going to want to see David the Gnome’s wife naked.

After everyone is measured she tells them who they can select based on size. Stunk is left with only a choice between two fat fairies that can handle him while Zel can select from around 20 different girls since he has a medium dick, Kanchal having the smallest dick can select any fairy he wants and Crim is told he can’t select anyone due to his dick being so big no girl can handle it. This is why you should focus on magic in a fantasy world and become a mage since if you dedicated yourself to magic you could shrink yourself down to fairy size to fuck any of them or use your magic to make them human size temporarily which is what I’d do.

Everyone describes what they experienced in their review and rating the place with Crim giving it a zero because they still took his money even though he couldn’t select anyone because of his dick size. This results in everyone looking at Crim now that everyone knows how large his dick really is.

Elections have started and the demon lord is giving a speech trying to convince people to vote for the demon party. Stunk and Zel tell Crim that the Orc party are the current leaders due to their platform of giving funding to the succubus district, low taxes and generally letting people do what they want. They tell him that they currently plan on voting for the succubus party though because of what they are offering.

As they are about to leave the pr manager for the demon party asks them for help in getting demons more liked as he describes how demon girls are always on the top of the list for least marriageable monster girls. He tells them how he has heard about their reviews at brothels and that whenever they review a place the popularity of that monster girl increases after people read the reviews. As a result he wants them to review a demon girl brothel and though he can’t give them any free handouts he can recommend them a place and tells them where to go. They decide they might as well do it but Crim turns down going due to him being an angel. Meanwhile the manager tells the demon lord about his plan and how it should help them as they head off to more villages that other candidates ignore to campaign at.

After Stunk and the others follow the direction to the demon brothel they get distracted from seeing the cowgirls walk by. As a result they decide to go to the cow brothel instead of the demon one like planned.

They post their reviews of the cow place while explaining to Crim why they decided not to review the demon girls and went to the cow place instead. Eventually Stunk gets hit by Meidri (I know I’m going to end up calling her medli at some point because both are birds) and the episode ends. But then we get some after credits short.

Just a short segment with not professor oak talking about the demon lord and showing off dildos. This was different than the previous after credit segment by not including the others from before so I guess it will just be some quick short focused on one of the characters introduced in that episode in something like this each episode. And with that the episode ends. Unfortunately the ED is still the same with the same girls which is disappointing as that would had been a gold opportunity if the girls changed each episode. Who knows maybe they will change it later to be timed for each BD volume release to be something different. Each one has 4 episodes so maybe when we get to 5 they might do a change during it to result in each BD having a different sequence. There have been other shows in the past (isekai maou) that have done minor changes to their credits later on so hopefully they do the same.



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This episode hard more service to it than the previous with the main thing obviously being the cowgirls. I don’t really care about the whole lactating fetish thing but for those that do this was something we haven’t seen in anime much in a long while. One thing that did seem odd though was the censorship during the one fairy’s segment covering her chest with petals. I assume this was just thrown in as a way to ensure that people have a reason to get the BDs so this might be something we see regularly in future episodes where some minor censorship might be shoehorned in to entice BD sales. I don’t know if it’s just me but there are also some parts that almost feel like they zoomed in more than they should be. Maybe it’s my imagination or subconscious wishful thinking for improvements but I’m wondering if there is other censorship such as that in the episode which isn’t as obvious till BD.

Overall this episode was an improvement over the previous as we got nudity of more different girls than we did in that first episode. And even better is that it was nudity of those that manga wise we didn’t get in the source so this is certainly going to be one of those shows that are much better than the source material with what it offers. The next episode based on the title seems to be the gender swap chapters. Since the genderswap brothel covered multiple chapters I guess they decided to just make the entire episode focus on that for next week instead of doing 2 different stories I guess you could call it like they did here. Who knows maybe they will throw in a quick anime original thing at some point in the episode before the gender swap thing just to have something else there to go along with it and pad out with some filler.

So gender swap next week and assuming they continue in order we should reach the salamander girl and lilim brothel the week after that which is going to be the most interesting episode based on the fact that the show is adding extra content to the reviews when every guy gives them so seeing what they show and add for that chapter will be fun.

This episode reminds me how strange it was that bondage fairies never was adapted to a hentai ova back in the day. It certainly was popular enough and had a bunch of different series and for I assume many people around my age it probably was one of the first hentai manga you saw online between that and super taboo. We don’t even get fairies in hentai much or ever for that matter as I can only think of a very few instances. Wish we could get them in hentai more often but instead of doing the whole inflated stomach from dick thing just make it that they turn human size or use their magic to make the guy small.